We've aleady had a few shocking deaths this season (Lori, T-Dog) and our original group is starting to dwindle in numbers (Rick. Carl, Andrea, Carol, Daryl, Merle, and Glenn) so you start to wonder how much longer these characters will last because now we know that no one is safe (except Rick and Daryl, of course). So how long do you think these characters have left?

  • Hershel- I think Hershel will last the rest of this season and one more season tops. The furthest I could see him making it is to season 5, especially with only one leg, how realistic is it for him to last longer than that?
  • Glenn- I could see Glenn living through the whole series. It wouldn't surprise me if as Rick deteriorates throughout this season, he takes over as the new leader and has somewhat of a power struggle with Rick. Hopefully he lasts a long time.
  • Beth- I'm thinking slowly Beth will follow in Maggie's footsteps and gradually become a bigger part in this series. I could see her being a regular next season and making it possibly to season 6 at the most. I think there's still a lot in Beth that we haven't seen yet.
  • Carol- As much as a love Carol, I can't see her making it much farther. I can somewhat see her making it to season 4, but not much farther than that.
  • Maggie- I actually think Maggie will last a long time on the show. I could see her even making it until they end the show. I'm not sure why, but I think they can do a lot with her character and can't see her dying anytime even reletively soon.
  • Andrea- I also think Andrea will make it to the final season, if not make it past the final episode. She's a very provocative character who stirs up a lot of trouble, but still is seen as a heroine and I think the show needs a character like that and will keep her through the long run.
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