Hey guys I was just wondering about, what if the walking dead is a movie franchise now instead of a television series, thinking of who would the actors be ? In my personal thought I kinda think that;

James Franco would portray Rick Grimes.

Natalie Portman could play as Lori Grimes.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Andrea.

Emma Stone as the short-lived Amy.

Jeff Bridges as Dale.

I can not find a damn actor that could play as Glenn as good as what Steven Yeun has done with the character. I think Steven Yeun is the only actor that is perfect to become Glenn. But the rule in this blog is you can not list the actors that star in the tv series. (Andrew Lincoln, Laurie Holden, etc.) In the list of the movie. So... I have to say, I don't know which actor could play as Glenn. Maybe Jim Sturgess? He plays a lot of asian characters eventhough he definitely not...an asian. duh.

Bruce Willis as Hershel Greene.

Anna Paquin as Maggie Greene.

--that's it isn't it? Merle and Daryl is not one of the characters that originally from the comic. So....

Tell me about your list. The rules are simple. You can not list the actors that star in the tv series in the movie list.

Have fun. :)

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