As you see from my username, I love Beth Greene, Infact I joined only to join the member chat just to ask if she dies on Ep.3 or not, So I guess what I want to ask is, what do you guys think will happen to her? I hope she becomes mentally and physically strong, What is the point in even having the Greene family in season 2 though, Hershel, since his leg has been chopped off, is zombie bait, all they do is run, what good is he, Maggie, yes she is a survivor and the strongest out of the Greene's, Hershel's wife, and other children have died, now that leaves Beth, they have her killing infected, sharing sympathy by singing, Having relationship's with other characters, all for what? just to die? I don't get it, Season 2 was based on the Greene family farm, why introduce them if half on them die?

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