Hello everybody i know I do not post much on thos wiki but I have to question or discussion topics that I would like to address regarding the first half of the fourth season of the walking dead. These topics specifically have to do with the governor and the episode live baitso sorry if you were looking for questions regarding different characters. Also I might be over analyzing but I think these are two good questions for discussion. So lets get started.

Question 1

I was recently watching the opening scene of the episode "Live Bait" because honestly, that was one of my favorite walking dead scenes of all time with the Governor burning woodbury and him wandering around the barren wasteland that used to be america all to the song "The Last Pale Light in the West". Towards the end of the scene when the governor falls down in the street and he sees the little girl in the window i noticed something very strange. I noticed when the Governor sees the girl in the window and starts walking to the house. The little girl is in the window but as he walks by she disappears. I haven't seen anything written about this so i decided to bring it to this wiki for discussion. I believe that the most resonable idea is that its Meghen. However this is just a theory but I think it just might be the governors mind messing with him and it might be penny that he sees in the window which leads him to that house. But again Im not entirely sure I took some pictures of the scene so you can better understand what I talking about.

Question 2

I'm in college and I watch walking dead every week with my good friends and as soon as the character, Lilly, was introduced we all immediately saw her glareing resemblence to Maggie. I don't know if it is coincidental or if the writers and producers planned to cast an actress that looks similar to Lauren Cohen but if it was planned it makes plenty of sense considering the whole scene when the governor makes maggie strip. It could also make the governor seem more sadistic and creepy but it is probably just a coincidence.

As I stated earlier, I am probably just overanalyzing this but I would love to get more opinions on this.


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