125:Negan screams at Rick to shoot him and that he doesn't have the balls to do it right when Rick is about to press the trigger he gets shoot in arm and collapses.Negan annonuces that he is in charge of hiltop now and evryone who wants to join the Saviors is welcome If you don't get out.One of the doctors from hiltop get Rick in surgery inside Hiltop(sneaking in) With Andrea and Paul on guard.Dwight who is at the sanctuary goes into Holly's cell and helps her escape Holy knees him in the stomach for abraham and leaves for Alexhandria.The army and civilians from Hiltop get moved to Alexhandria.Carl who stayed behind with Heath to spy on Hiltop decide to go in.A savior walks in to the doctors room but Paul snaps his neck.The doctor says he has to rest and cannot move and some other stuff so they have to stay.The issue ends with the rest of the saviors arriving and Heath and Carl spying on them.

126:Carl and Heath manage to get in without too much attention and blend in perfectly Carl wants to find Rick but Heath says they have to destroy this place.The army is gathered up getting ready to attack.Ezekiel and Maggie who are leading the war now are giving speeches Holy arrives and joins the others they jump in their cars and March to War.Andrea is talking to Rick who is weak but won't admit it they talk about (emotinal stuff).Paul says that they have to move somewhere else so Paul takes them to a carvan that seems safe.Negan is talking about putting peole on the wall until Carl throws a grenade at him killing 2 of his men then escaping.Negan screams in rage and teels people to search everywhere.The issue ends with the 3 communities arriving at Hiltop and Negan screaming ITS ALL OUT WAR.

127:Negan gets his men ready and starts firing the saviors kill about 10 background charecters while the survivors kill almost a dozen then from behind Carl opens fire on some saviors killing a few they retreat to a carvan Rick is in.Paul Carl and Heath go out to join the fight while Rick tells andrea to go which she does.Aaron who is firing with everything he's got throws a greaned that kills half of the men on the wall.Negan in anger teels Dwight to do something but Dwight pulls the finger and punches him in the face they get in a heated fight.Nicholas gets sniped and dies in agony Ezekiel orders them to run the wall over.Which they do bending part abling the men to enter Hiltop.One word its ALL OUT WAR.Rick gets up to help and opens fire from the Rv window until a Saviors comes in to kill him Carl saves him by shooting the Savior.Dwight who is being strangled to death well dies overpowered by Negan.This time Heath and Paul dive on Negan but Negan overpowers both and starts strangling Paul while Heath is unconsious.The reanimated Dwight bites and Negan in the neck which prevents him from killing Paul Rick who kicks him off Paul.He pulls a gun on Negan and says I shou've done this a long time ago and kills him.The survivors overwheml the saviors and they leave.Andrea who walks up to Rick but collapses beacuse of a bullet hole through her stomach.

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