Issue 119:Negan and his people manage To handle the Roamers.Negan orders his men to march to the safe zone for an attack.Back at the Safe zone Carl is talking to Andrea about the war and how much he hates Negan and so on.They hear gunfire,Carl and Andrea rush over to the gate to find at least 40 Saviors firing at Ezekiel and Michonne.Carl.Rosita and Andrea join the fight after Michonne getting shot in the leg they decide to retreat.The saviors enter the Safe zone Negan decides to find Carl and kill that kid.Carl opens fire at the Saviors but runs out of ammo and gets captured.Back at the informary Michonne is getting her leg fixed up with Ezkiel on her side thats when Negan barges into the room with Carl and Andrea on their knees and says "Which one should I choose.HOW ABOUT BOTH!.

Issue 120: People from the Safe zone are gathered at the Church praying and hiding with Rosita guarding the door.Gabriel is crying and praying about their safety.Negan orders his men to force Michonne,Denise and Ezekiel. He starts playing his famous game(the one that killed Glenn) choosing Denise he bashes her head.Everyone horrified Negan laughs and says "One more time!" plays his game again and chooses Carl Negan gets ready to kill him until Michone dives on Negan biting his neck.One of Negans men pulls her of and holds her for Negan.Negan gets lucille and bashes her face in.He starts laughing and suddenly Rick and his army open fire at Negan killing 5 or 6 of his men.Rick sees Michonnes dead body and shouts NEGAN I AM GOIN TO KILL YOU.Rosita and Eugene join the fight Negan and 20 other men retreat further in the Safe zone.Rick hugs Carl and andrea all three of them in tears Carl whispers in Ricks ear " Dad I'm sorry"

Issue 121: Heath,Ezekeil,Aaron,Eugene,Kal and Paul Monore are in the safe zone looking for Negan and his men they suddenly get ambushed by his men The saviors open fire on them hitting Eugene in the shoulder.Eugene lays on the floor while the others retreat back to the other.Negan looks at Eugene and smiles.Rick and Andrea are lookin at Michonne and Denise's dead bodies.Andrea talks to Rick about leaving this place and giving up.Rick dissagrees with Andrea.Paul Monore arrives and tells Rick that Eugene is captured.Rick foriously goes after Negan with Paul, Heath and Kal.Back at the church people decide to go to  Hilltop for safety including Rosita and Nicholas so more than half decide to go on one of the busses and go to hilltop.Carl looks at them in shame that there are such cowards.Rick finnaly finds Negan at one of the houses his men only allow Paul and Rick to come in.In the lounge Negan is siiting on a couch eating some of their food.Rick demands to see Eugene but all Negan does is smile and says that he has a plan for all of them.

Issue 122: All of the civilians from Alexandria(about 40 people arrive at Hiltop with Rosita when they come inside Rosita wants to see Gregory but Maggie says that she is in charge now and that Gregory is a coward and traitor.Rosita says that they would like to join hilltop for the time being and Maggie smiles.Back at Hilltop Rick questions Negan and tells him to let go of Eugene which Negan does The saviors throw Eugene to the front with The Saviors laughing and calling him a fatas.Negan looks at Rick telling him that he has a plan to kill them all and take over Hilltop and Alexhandria.Rick punches him in the face then some of negans men jump on Rick beating him and pulling a gun on Paul.Heath,Kal and Eugene start getting shot at Kal,Heath and Eugene dive for cover.Heath still angry about Denise starts shooting with his pistol killing Tara(Saviors issue 104) And 2 other men while Eugene and Kal runs away followed by Heath.The rest of the army is at th church about 50 people eating and waiting for Rick.Carl is sitting down looking at the floor crying Andrea walks over to him and tells him its okay Carl says that If he wasn't caught this wouldn't have happened Andrea tries to make Carl feel better until they hear a gunshot Carl and Andrea go to the gate to find nicholas on top of the gate with a rifle shooting at 50 or so saviors led by Dwight.

Issue 123:Carl and Andrea looked shocked to see Dwight and they call him a liar but Dwight just orders his men to attack.Negan gets lucile and gets ready to bash Paul's head Negan swings his bat Paul ducks and the bat hits the man holding him.Paul launches himself at Negan beating the hell out of him but one of Negans men hits him from behind with a gun.Negan gets ready to bash Paul's skull in until he is sniped and shot in the arm while Aaron and Ezekiel open fire killing some men Rick and Paul jump out of the window escaping Negan.Negan orders his men to retreat.Thye get out of the house running to the gate while shooting at Paul,Ezekiel,Aaron while Rick and the rest of the army go to th defend the gate from Dwight and his men.Rick dives on Dwight and Calls hi a liar but Dwight says that he has a plan and headbutts Rick and runs away with the rest of the Saviors.Andrea runs towards Rick kissing him and whispering in his ear We can win this thing.

Issue 124:Negan and his army arrive to the Sancutary Negan gets the treated immediatly while this is happening Dwight is confronted by one of the Saviors why they called him a liar dwight says that they are crazy people.At hiltop you see Maggie and sophia at Glenn's grave crying until Rosita comes along and says that she never really got to know Gleen that well but what she knew is that he was a good man.Maggie smiles and thanks her.The army arrives at Hiltop for safety Rick finds Gregory who is tied up in a room and starts beating him and asking him about Negan's plan but he says that he doesn't know anything so Rick leaves him.Rick gives a speech to his people and tells them they will win the war.Negan walks over to the hiltop and says he wants to talk with Greg they let him and Rick jumps on him and beating him up and pulling a gun on him saying Told ya I would kill you


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