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    I hope you like my breakdown, here it goes:

    The talks

    "It's been a while since we had one of these talks"

    Rick says to Negan as he looks at him with amuse and then putting his serious face. This is most likely the end of 9x01.

    Hilltop reborn and Baby Hershel!!

    "It wasn't that long ago we were fighting just to stay alive"

    Rick's voice over while talking to Negan, while we see Maggie looking at her community and the people working to make it thrive.

    Then, we see a 1-year-old (confirmed by Cohan) bouncing baby Hershel being carried by a smiling Maggie while her adopted sister Enid loos on and waits to carry him too.

    Alexandria reborn, Grimes Family 2.0!!

    "But it's not like that anymore"

    Rick opens a door, probably of his house, to see his community gro…

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  • CarolSaurio

    First Timeline:

    •Maggie is seen fighting Gregory, while having a bruise on her cheek (you can notice it after that and through out the trailer). Then, there is a night meeting at the Hilltop, where we can see Jesus, Alden and Daryl waiting the order from Maggie for execution time. Gregory is hanged like in the comics. Personal prediction: I think Earl will be forgiven ala Vincent from the comics.

    •The Survivors and the Saviors working on the bridge. Henry attacks Justin (he must have done or said something about Benjamin) and than we see a little conflict there with Daryl&Aaron trying to calm Justin & Jed (revelious Saviors). After that, everybody is at the camp when we got the scene of Daryl beating Justin after some smack talks between them …

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