A few months ago, a spinoff to The Walking Dead tv series was announced. The most recent episode saw the exit of popular character, Carol Peletier as well as new character, Sam.

Well, I have been thinking about this for a bit now, but decided to voice my predictions/hopes for this new series. Carol and Sam leaving is the perfect setup. Why?


Say Carol eventually find Sam. The two of them become close and form a mother/son relationship. There is a large difference in their ages (Carol mid 40`s and Sam early 20`s). This would be perfect. Now say, Julio, the mid 30`s survivor that is supposed to be introduced this season, also meets them. Carol and Julio form a romantic relationship and a small loose family is formed. They eventually find more survivors, and there you go, spinoff born.

Now, with your thoughts, would you like this setup? Or would you like something else? Please share your thoughts below!

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