Okay so I've read a million of these things and not one of them explains who came see Rebecca. People are saying who they think it is but you are all wrong. If you have downloaded the game, and if you go to episode 2 it shows the guy that knocked at the door asking for Rebecca, the pregnant lady. Episode 3: Clem is obviously helping Rebecca as she goes into labor. Where are they? In the mountains on a ski lodge. Why do I think that's where they're at? Bc in the preview of episode 2 they said that they were going to the mountains and also bc if you look at I think episode 5 there's a pic of a ski thingy. Episode 4: ok idk if I'm delusional, but the shadow behind Clem kinda looks Ike it could fit Kenny. So could Kenny be the person who Clem thought was dead. Idk... These are my thoughts. Y'all let me know what you guys think.

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