The now-unified communities attempt to survive a dangerous blizzard.

A time jump to several months after the death of several community residents shows the Kingdom completely falling into chaos. Pipe bursts, rot, and fires plague each building. Ezekiel uses a radio in order to record the details of the demise, asking others for shelter. Carol is seen looking through Henry's items while Daryl provides Lydia with food. At the theater, the King is shown reading the community charter and taking it with him. Everyone prepares and leaves for the long road ahead.

Yumiko informs Michonne that the Hilltop residents have been sending letters to Maggie due to the death of Tara and Jesus, to no response. Walkers appear from a field and Alden coldly demands to know from Lydia if they are Whisperers. Daryl immediately shuts him down and says that people should stop blaming her for the incidents.

Daryl talks with Carol on how Lydia wants to be with their people. Ezekiel gets uncomfortable with them holding hands. Jerry suggests that they find shelter before the storm starts.

Eugeme, Rosita, and Gabriel come up with a plan of what houses to seek refuge in during the storm. They realize that they'll have to bring Negan with them to prevent his death.

Ezekiel discusses with Daryl that he hopes Carol and himself can remain a couple, only for D to look in confusion. Lydia is seen at the forest, discovering a walker trapped in the ice. She rolls up her sleeve and attempts to let the walker bite her, only for Carol to appear and escort Lydia back to the group. Michonne decides that the best place for them to seek refuge next is the Sanctuary. 

In Alexandria's church, Negan taunts Rosita, Siddiq, and Gabriel on their "love quadrangle", only for Eugene to chuckle. Judith appears and expresses worry about Dog, who she left behind despite Daryl's requests. The group suddenly notices a suspicious smell, only to run away when the fireplace explodes. Gabriel decides to move to Aaron's home next. They tie ropes around one another and head into the blizzard. 

Later, the leaders decide to cross through Alpha's land. Ezekiel expresses his regret on not having proper communication with the other communities, as he feels that it would have prevented the deaths of the people. Michonne vows that she will never let the groups get divided again and that the Kingdom still stands. The group departs the Sanctuary and heads through the border into Whisperer territory. Judith hears Dog and runs after him, only for Negan to follow in an attempt to save her.

Michonne kills several walkers, unsure if they are Whisperers or not. The group crosses a lake and walkers suddenly rise from it, forcing them to eliminate the threat.

Carol finds Lydia in a cabin. Lydia explains to her that no one will trust her in Hilltop due to recent events. She blames herself for Henry's death and asks for Carol to kill her. She holds her spear to her neck, ensuring that they won't suffer any more losses by her death. Carol initially wants to, but kills a nearby walker, denying that Lydia is "weak".

Negan gets hit by various debris while searching for Judith. He later hears Dog barking and finds her with him. Negan puts Judith on his shoulder, gives her his coat to keep her warm, and takes Dog's leash. 

The group finally arrives at the Hilltop. Daryll informs Lydia that they all will head for Alexandria in the morning. She inquires as to why he left the community in the first place, only for him to say he'll tell her in the near future. Carol decides to go back to Alexandria. They express no regrets about their relationship and Carol hands Ezekel back the ring. 

At Alexandria, the group reunites along with Kingdom refugees. Michonne hugs her children anf they participate in a snowball fight. Later, she heads to the infirmary to visit Negan. She thanks him for his efforts to save Judith and remembers how he was last in there after having his throat slit by Rick. In turn, he compliments her on the trek into Whisperer territory. 

The storm passes after a certain period of time. Beta tells Alpha that her time away has been good for the group. Alpha tells him that she must be strong for the upcoming events. Beta repeatedly hits her with a branch, with little resistance on her part. 

Ezekiel talks with Judith on the radio and declares that they lost their house, not their home. After he leaves, a mysterious voice on the radio asks if anyone is out there.

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