Writer, director, and producer Frank Darabont was the major creative force behind the first season of the Walking Dead television series. He played a smaller role in the second season. I am really interested in what season three would have been like if Darabont stayed around that long. I personally think it would have been much better, if he had been involved creatively. 

Season three's themes, plot, and settings are right up his alley. He is most famous for the films Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Majestic, and The Mist. Each of these films deals with the main character being trapped (either literally or figuratively), as well as exploring the human condition in some way or another. In Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne and Red are prisoners (one is innocent while the other legitimately regrets his actions as a youth). John Coffey is also imprisoned, in The Green Mile, while Tom Hank's character Paul Edgecomb is struggling with the decision of whether or not to release the innocent man in spite of the racism of his community; there is also interesting interactions between the guards and the inmates. Jim Carrey's character in The Majestic (Peter Appleton) is an amnesiac whom everyone in the town of Lawson believes to be the assumed-dead WWII veteran Luke Trimble. The Mist is something of a spiritual prequel to The Walking Dead, people trying to survive an onslaught of monsters (and taking refuge in a walled structure with dubious safety). You can also see similarities in his other writing credits, such as The Blob (1988) and Frankenstein (1994). Frankenstein specifically deals with what makes someone human or not. I think Darabont's interpretation of the Governor would have been much subtler yet darker and more frightening (though David Morrissey does own that role, regardless of the writing). And the prisoners from the first half would have been better written too.

Darabont's entire career seems to have been building towards the making of the third season of The Walking Dead, but he was ousted before that could happen. What is your opinion of this hypothetical situation?

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