With the introduction of The Kingdom, as well as the other communities that'll likely be introduced, it stands to reason that new characters will start to take on more prominant roles. I'm wondering if anyone has any vague or specific ideas for new characters. Their backgrounds, they're personalities, the overall role they'd have in the series. This could be for the Comic, TV Show, or even game. I'm just curious about people's ideas.

I've had a vague idea for a while for a more cerebral villain. The kind of character who doesn't have the support of a group or army, so they'd have to use their own wits to gain the upperhand against the others, similar to Ben Linus from Lost or Ryan O'reilly from OZ. That's the sort of thing I was hoping to see from Douglas, Jesus, or even Spencer. The games sort of had Campman for that, but I'm thinking of someone who would last a bit longer and be less psychologically damaged.

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