So, there'll be a new novel after FOTG wraps up with part two. But what should "the next novel" bring?

I personally think

  • Negan's backstory and the rise of the Saviors! That shit would be awesome. Do I need to tell more?
  • Alexandria's backstory, and what happened to all of the residents during the time Rick and his people were living on the Prison. 
  • Hilltop's/Kingdom's backstory, and possibly how they found out about the Saviors.
  • Abraham's story all the way to Hershel's farm/Alexandria. How he met Eugene and Rosita, and how he lost his family. Of course we know that, but still. 
  • Oh yeah, Jesus' backstory! How he learned to kick some ass, and wheter he is one of the original residents of Hilltop (how he got there, did he have a family etc.).
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