So, the description for episode 404, Indifference, says that those on the supply run encounter multiple 'hurdles'. Carol and Rick also go on a run to a suburban area, probably for medicine for those with 'The Flu'. First, I'm going to state my predictions for the group at the college, then Rick and Carol's run, and then for those back at the prison.

Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob are at the college trying to get medicine and antibiotics for the sick. I believe that they will make it inside the college somehow, but the inside is just as bad as the outside. I don't think any of them will die, but I think they'll have many close encounters on their way to the infirmary or the nurse's office, or wherever the heck it is they're going. On the way out, they'll have to find a vehicle amongst the chaos and try to make it back to the prison in time before the sick die.

Now for Rick and Carol. I believe that they will fix the water pumps in this episode, and if not, in the one after that, and then go on the run as the group on the college run don't return for a long time. In the suburban area, or wherever they wind up, they enter a house. We've already seen Carol kill a female walker who fell down the stairs, and then we saw an upstairs door open and Rick pointing his gun at it. Behind that door, I believe Erin, Julio and Jack are hiding from the walkers inside the house. It would make sense, as walkers are not smart enough to open doors (in most cases, we've actually seen a zombified Jenny Jones try to open a locked door). That's when I think Rick will ask the three survivors those 3 questions, the same questions that he had been asked when he was imagining things after Lori died, and the same three questions that he asked Clara in the woods. It could go either way; Rick could decide that the three survivors are fit to join the prison group, or he could deny them access to the prison and them try to retaliate and end up getting killed. If the survivors are behind that door, or if it's other people completely, what will they do to Rick and Carol? Will they try to kill them? Will they be relieved to have met other survivors? Or, could they possibly be from the sanctuary that was heard by Daryl and the others? So many possibilities....

Finally, what I think will happen to those who stayed behind at the prison, and specifically, the sick. I think that Hershel has been infected with The Flu, and will stay in A block with the other infected survivors. Mika could also possibly be sick, as she was around her sister and survived the attack on D block. I don't think that Daryl's group will be back within twelve hours, if they even come back. Sasha, I think she's going to die. Series regulars can die at any time. Dr. Subramanian, he's definitely dead. He's been exposed longer than a lot of the people in A. Lizzie, I don't think she's going to die, not just yet. I think that if Rick or Daryl's groups return soon, she's going to live. Glenn, I feel like Glenn has a 50-50 chance of living or dying. It would make Maggie cold-hearted if he died, and it would probably make some fans mad, but it could make Maggie's character develop further. However, I feel that he's going to live. Jeanette, she's definitely dead. The old and the young are more vulnerable, and their immune systems are weak. I think about half of those quarantined in A block are going to die and turn, and the other half are going to live. Nearly sixteen people have already been directly or indirectly killed by The Flu. I also think that at the end of the episode, there will be a surprising twist that fans won't see coming.

Now it's your turn! Leave your theories in the comments below and let your voice be heard! :D

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