Ok so based on the promo ------------>? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HtVzGW8aTI

New Threat at the Prison

Looks like Ceasar and Merle arrive at the prison i wonder what will happen Exspecially when Merle is reunited with Carol and Carl again?

First we hear Carl say "We have to leave her" who is he talking about Beth, Carol or Judith???????????????

  • My guess is Carol, but if it was Beth that would be a shocker!!!!!!
  • I don't think it would be Judith but it would blow my mind if it was!!!!!!
  • After re-watching it though i believe he's talking to Hershal i think maybe they are split from Beth and Carl is telling Hershal to move so he doesn't die

Will Andrea see her old group in the fight scene's?

  • I think she will see them but be held captive by the Governor. I also think they won't see her like in 3x13 when Rick drove away.
  • I think 3x09 onwards episodes she will make her way to the prison to escape the Governor after she find out what kind of man he is.

Woodbury attack. Who will die in the attack? Or Injured?

  • My guess Oscar, Hayley and Shupert
  • Maybe Andrea or Phillp shot/injured in crossfire?

Captive Glenn and Maggie (Tyreese Introduction)

  • I think Tyreese may be held captive in another room and be rescused by Maggie and Glenn, reunite with Rick and the others and leave.
  • Or they encounter him maybe others on the way back

Rick holding Michonne at gunpoint?

  • I really have no clue with this one? What are your thoughts?

Michonne and Penny

  • I don't believe she will kill Penny but maybe she will chop off her arms and lower jaw like her pet walkers or decapitate her head as revengence sending the Governor into a sprial?

What are your predictions?

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