Ok so while we wait for the second half of Season 3 to return i thought it would be good to predict what happens to the characters based on storylines from the comics.

Rick - His story will play out really similar to the comics but will not lose his hand.

Hershel - I think he will survive the prison assault evacuating before it occurs. I reckon his death will be at the hands of a Ruthless group similar to Randall's. Instead of the cannibals because it doesn't seem appropriate for T.V

Axel - During the prison assault he will die by a gunshot. Straight through his head and die instantly.

Michonne - Will make it as far as she has in the comics. She's a Main Character that brings forward a new perspective of survivor that no one else can relate to in the show which makes her important.

Allen and Ben. Their deaths will be the same as Hershel's and Billy's. Ben is killed by headshot whilst Allen crutches over him with nothing to live for.

Merle - Will replace the death of Tyreese at the hands of the Governor. When he returns to the prison no one wants him around and like Oscar and Axel will be placed in the other cell block and Daryl will wont to join him.

Beth - I see Beth making it far in the show. Late season 4 to season 5. I couldn't see her staying at the prison whilst it gets worse and retreating with others before the fight. I see her role expanding towards the end of season 3 like 3x13 onwards and becoming a stronger member of the group.

Carl - He will not be dying anytime soon. He will be the last out of the survivors left alive. His storyline will see him growing into a leader of the group and taking on further responsibilities. Helping out the group. He will have the same storylines as the comics.

Judith - I think a time skip will occur after the events on the prison passing the stage where she's a baby and always cries to being a little older. I can't imagine how they would kill a little baby/girl off though but then again they did kill Penny, Sophia and Summer.

Morgan - His emotion state after being found by Rick will worsen sooner than later. His mental condition will be similar to Carols as well as the same death which was suicide by a walker bite through the prison fence.

Glenn and Maggie - They still will get married after Hershel consent to Glenn. And continue to have a stable relationship like the comics without the adopting children haha. I still think that Glenn will die very late into the series just like the comics whilst Maggie will go through a stressful time. I think it's at this time that she will kill herself with nothing to live for.

Tyreese - Tyreese will become one of the leaders with Rick but still follow his orders. I think he will develop a relationship with Michonne and lead a few survivors from the prison before the attack. His death will happen later in the series at the hands of a new main villain

Sasha - Strong willed and a fighter. She will survive past season 3 but i think will die during events in season 4.

Carol - Survive the prison assault and become a strong member of the group. Carol will go on a few supply runs with Daryl. During an attack by the same group that had just finished killing Hershel will result in Carol being shot and later dies from blood loss.

Daryl - Lives to at least Season 5/6 if the show has that many seasons (it will) Daryl will continue fighting by Rick's side as his no. 1 man. His story will continue to grow as his charcater develops because of the deaths of Merle and Carol.

Andrea - She will not be dying antime soon but she and Daryl will play a part in Phillp's death. Daryl and Andrea both leaving him to die at the hands of walkers. She will live as long as she has in the comics. Michonne and Andrea's bond will continue to be shown thorughout the series. Maybe towards the end of the show Andrea dies resulting in major development for everyone. Most of all Michonne.

Phillp - Die in the prsion assult after killing Merle and maybe someone else.

Ceasar and Haley - I think they will survive assault and flee into prison when things become out of control

Shupert - Die leading to or in assault

Milton - Hands of the Govenor before the prison assault

Rowan and Dr Stevens - Death when walkers invade Woodbury.

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