For those of you who still may not know who Karen and/or Noah are the're mother and son living in Woodbury :)

Ok so in the last 3 episodes (3x09 - 3x10 - 3x11) Karen has had scenes played throughout Woodbury becomming a guard for the town. In 3x11 we meet her son Noah who is also been put as a guard for the town even after Karen objects because of asthma and Karen as had a number of scenes talking to Andrea. It's making me question whether or not these two things

1 - Are they setting her and her son to die in Woodbuty attack.

2 - For her and her son to join Rick's group.

I think it's the second option, i thinking a few members of Woodbury might leave realising how crazy The Governor is and wont out.

I also think they remind me of (thanks for reminding me afc888 :) counter part Jesse and Ron

Do you agree or disagree and wont are your thoughts?

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