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    How to fix Seasons 6, 7 and 8

    November 18, 2018 by DalesRV

    So this was originally just going to be a reply on an existing thread, but since it's too long to post, I'll just leave a link to this:

    Would change some things in the first half, and some minor things in the second half. The first half focuses on the Wolves way too much, and not so much on the herd. The Wolves should have been dealt with in episode 2 or 3, and the rest should have been the survivors under siege by a giant herd. The herd eventually breaks through the walls on their own (not because a tower fell) in episode 6 or 7, and we get Jessie, Sam, and Ron's death, as well as Carl getting shot in episode 8. The situation is resolved by the end of the episode, with the group killing all of the walkers. It ends with Carl in a coma and R…

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