Hello... haven't been here in ages and a lot of you are so HOSTILE!! Sheesh ya'll need to relax..I thought London was bad.. anyway.

So a few days ago I was watching the walking dead again cause I was bored.. I could be wrong I probably should go back and watch the episode but help me out here..

In the episode titled: Say the word.. Michonne goes snooping around the governors room and as she hides because she hears him coming with Milton and Merle.. she sees a sheriffs bag..At least I thought that was Ricks gun bag..NOW..In season two .. initially they wanted it to start with Ricks group going back to Atlanta to that latino nursing home..the vatos? Only to find them murdered...Could The governor have done that and could that be Ricks bag? Will this be addressed.. like if Rick sees someone in woodbury (during the raids) using a gun he recognizes?

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