Okay to get this out of the way i barely ever watch promos because they could spoil a little bit of the episode and the most i know is 7,500 walkers are appearing in this episode and Tyreese and Rick are gonna fight. So leaving off right after "Infected" Karen's dead(who cares) and so is David(no one cares again) I'm pretty sure Sasha is sick because i watched that small preview right after the episode was finished which is the only thing i watch before the episode comes on. Yeah she's most likely going to live because they're trying to find a way to get rid of this infection and they're just showing just because you have this flu type virus you can survive it. My honest opinion i have for who is the traitor is the Doctor i honestly don't see Bob betraying them because he deeply regrets having Zack indirectly killed and wants to earn his keep at the prison. The Doctor on the other hand is kinda suspicious and i don't trust him very much its just my gut telling me he can't be trusted. The deaths i predict in this episode is pretty average i see alot of unnamed prison newcomers dying from this flu still and the only main cast member i see dying is well no one to be honest but with those 7,500 walkers at least one main cast member is going to perish from this i doubt any major deaths are going to occur this episode though but i see one coming it has to be. I wanna hear your predictions for this episode and tell me who you think is gonna die leave a comment below :P

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