Okay i know this has been done plenty of times but what do you think will happen is season 2 of The walking dead game? My prediction is that we will most likely follow up on clementine's story right where Season 1 Left off.How will the choices you made in Season 1 and 400 days Affect Season 2? If you killed lee will we not see him again? If you left him will we see him as a zombie? I wonder the same as you guys and i hope that the choices actually matter. For example i wanna see a zombie duck depending on the choice you made in Episode 3 Long road ahead. I'm really excited for this Fall and i hope we get a trailer soon and a release date. My predictions is that those 2 silhouttes can be Omid and Christa or 2 new characters.And will there be a time-skip possibly? We will find out this Fall hopefully :) Sorry for making you read all of this.

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