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Hey guys, wanted to share these mini sneak peaks for episode 9 (sorry for the bad quality, only ones I could find. Also sorry if this has been posted before).


TWD Season 4 Episode 9 Mini Sneak Peak 1

The first sneak peak shows Glenn wounded, laying on something (the bus?) with walkers surrounding it (if it is the bus, goodbye Woodbury Resident 1, Sick Teenager and Achey Woman, we hardly knew ye). Your thoughts?


TWD Season 4 Episode 9 Mini Sneak Peak 2

The 2nd sneak peak shows Carl opening a door, then a walker pops out at him (not much else to say about this one). Your thoughts?


TWD Season 4 Episode 9 Mini Sneak Peak 3

The 3rd sneak peak shows Daryl and Beth running in the woods, soon after collapsing (anyone else notice Daryl's stupid looking fall?). Your thoughts on this one?


TWD Season 4 Episode 9 Mini Sneak Peak 4

The 4th sneak peak doesn't really show anything new, it just shows Michonne's sword, seemingly going to finish off zombified Hershel.

Well that's all, I will update this blog later if I find any new sneak peaks. Thanks for reading.