This blog is about the people I think will die next and who will live.

Well Hershel just died so I really could see them killing off his daughter Beth right after, but by the end of the season she will most likely die. It seems the only reason she was useful was to take care of the baby and now that the baby is "dead" I think her time might be up.

I've been a fan of Daryl since Chupacabra when he wore the ear necklace and I actually loved The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct , but I think his story is running dry. I don't think he will die this season but I really cannot see him making it past the next. AMC probably wont kill Daryl with a Walker bite but maybe something will happen where Daryl goes crazy and Rick has to but him down. I know its a little strange but think about it Daryl takes down tanks I seriously doubt they would just make a walker kill him.

Carol's death is what I think makes Daryl lose it but it wont happen this season but maybe next.

Rick, Carl and Michonne will be safe for 2 to 3 seasons top because there is still so much story left for them.

Glenn and Maggie are safe for now but I really hope Glenn story picks up because he is starting to be boring to me but I think the mid season premiere will help his character out.

Tyreese will make it through this season but I can see Sasha die by the end of the season, I can also she her and Bob hooking up but that's a different story and plus she will die soon after anyway.

I also have a complaint about the show and that is how they killed off all the prisoners and from seeing the Glenn preview how they killed off all the woodbury survivors as well. I mean they could have left at least 1 from each group but I think the show is doing great so far and there is not much to complain about.

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