Ahhello Ahdood. Ya’ll know what time it is, time to review another terrible issue of The Walking Dead. if you can still say with a straight face this comic is well written, I really don’t know what to tell you. Let’s jump in! And for the record “Every issue is worse than the last.” should just be the tagline for the comic at this point.

Gears of War 2 Cole's Enlightening Speech

Gears of War 2 Cole's Enlightening Speech

Better writing than all of TWD

Issue: 173: THE BIG FINAL FIGHT… for like three panels

Our issue opens with Beta standing there, giving Jesus enough time to notice him, you had like a solid five seconds to kill Aaron, bro. Anyway, Jesus does some stupid flips, Beta boy pins him and right when he is about to kill him Aaron shoots him in the chest. Jesus and Aaron remove Beta’s mask, and reveal…. HE WAS A BASKETBALL PLAYER, whoa exciting. This is like what character number fifteen that's been some surprise famous sports star? I think this is Kirkman making up for the fact he could never play sports in high school or something. Right as Aaron is about to tell us Beta’s name, he jumps up and shouts “I HAVE NO NAME” and then falls over dead. So that's the end of the Big Cuck, fitting how he went out with a horribly cheesy line of dialogue I suppose. Aaron makes a terrible joke, and that's the end of one of the apparent big walking dead villains.

Robert Kirkman in a few years

We then get a scene with Maggie bitching to Dante about how Negan is alive and free out there. So… go kill him then? It’s not like theres really anything stopping her. What’s gonna happen, big Rick gonna get mad? Uh oh. Actually yeah, you probably should stay on his good side. Rick could straight up murder you and face literally no repercussions for it. He could eat a baby and people would still be deep throating this fucking idiot. Dante starts to leave, but she tells him to stay, probably to fuck him or something, despite the fact she made it clear she wasn’t interested like 6 issues ago. Kirkman drank a whole glass of respect women juice for this issue, I see. Oh, we also get more hinting at the whole Carl/Sophia/Lydia thing. The story arc EVERYONE is waiting for, I assure you.

Later, Jesus and Aaron stroll into a Whisperer camp and slaughter fucking everyone there, except coincidentally the three people who don't like the whisperer way. One of them being a hilariously identical clone to Chris from Tyreese’s group. More characters who I assume will do absolutely nothing. And with that, it seems the whisperers are over, in Kirkman’s mind the third biggest antagonist in the books (The Hunters were far better, but xd they weren't around long time so dont matter) and they had pretty much no impact, aside from destroying the hilltop, which is already being rebuilt with ease. And debatably killing Andrea, though technically the zombies killed her. And I respect Andrea’s character too much, to give a fucking retard like Beta credit for killing her, I’m just not gonna do it. Anyway, rant over, let’s move on.

After that dumb grenade shit in AoW, this doesn't even surprise me

We get a vital scene with Dwight continuing to be an uninteresting whiny cunt. Holy fuck, Rick is my least favorite character in the book right now (yes more than Carl) and even I can’t side with Dwight on this, he’s such a fucking moron, literally has no leg to stand on, even his girlfriend isn’t taking his side. What a pathetic character, whatever, he’ll probably die in the next twenty issues or so anyway.

We don’t see much of Eugene’s crew this issue, but as I predicted, Princess has already fallen into the background, that was pretty fast. Despite her unique appearance, she’s become just as forgettable as Annie, Siddiq, Vincent, Mikey, Dante, Laura, Magna, Yumiko, Kelly, Connie, and every other stupid fucking redshirt in this book. Though I will say, she does give us the most accurate nickname for Michonne ever, being ‘Sword Lady’. Yep, that pretty much sums up her character. The group arrives at an abandoned train yard to meet and we have Eugene jumping to defense of a potentially dangerous women he has never met, and talked to like three times. Whomst’ve remember when Eugene was the overly cautious, paranoid guy? Eugene of forty issues ago wouldn’t trust this woman for a second. But I’m sure she’ll just so happen to be Hispanic so Eugene can go “THATS ROSITA” or some other corny shit. Finally our group gets caught by those stormtrooper guys from the 175 cover and our issue ends on the standard cliffhanger. You can practically hear that dumb DOON DOON DOON music that the show plays at the end of every fucking episode.

Eugene Pooper
Trying to read a new issue like

Final Thoughts

Okay, I know I sound like a broken record here, but fuck me, man. This had to be the lamest issue of TWD thus far, like this was shit. Kirkman has to realize this is trash writing. No one is this far up their own ass. It’s not like he’ll ever change I guess, now that he’s rich he doesn't care anymore, plus his pussy ass editor won’t put any legitimate criticism in letter hacks, just blind praise or morons who just sound like bigots so Kirkman can easily brush off all negative opinions. Anywho, hope you enjoyed the blog. Made you laugh, made you cry? Hit that like button and drop a comment below. And be sure to check out my let's play channel in the description!

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