Ok so this is my first blog on the wiki so I hope that it is satisfying. Now down to business....

So in the last episode we saw Michonne and Hershel heading out to burn bodies, we also saw the Governor lurking outside the prison looking as evil as ever. Now there are two ideas I think could happen if Hershel is going to die before/in the midseason finale.

Idea 1: Whilst Michonne and Hershel are out burning the bodies, the governor and his new found friends (or just Shumpert and Martinez if he hasn’t actually found any) sneak up on the two and kidnap them at gun point. I think Michonne would escape at some point (when they are ambushed or later on) but Hershel would be unable to escape. From there I think Hershel would suffer the fate of Tyreese from the comics, which would be quite an emotional scene especially considering Hershel is the moral compass of the show.

Idea 2: Michonne and Hershel either aren’t ambushed by the Governor or they both escape. Eventually when the prison assault is under way I think he will unfortunately die maybe taking a bullet to save one of the prison group members, quite a heroic death for a heroic character.

So these are my two ideas, let me know which one you think is more likely and feel free to tell me your ideas on whether he will die or not. Personally I hope he survives this season but he is a likely candidate to die.

Thanks for reading, please give me feedback on this blog and let me know what I could improve.