Before I start, I will not be finishing the rewrite due to it's unpopularity and for other reasons.  I am very passionate about storytelling and I loved doing the rewrite, however, I had so many ideas for future seasons (including Season 9 which had gotten ahead of the comics and was 100% original) that I fell in love with.  Someone may ask why I wouldn't do something if I loved how it was going, but the problem was it was too good.  Without getting cocky, I really liked what I had planned, but after thinking about it, I wanted those ideas to be brought into my own work.  Like I said, I love telling stories and I have so many I'd like to, but I'd rather have little bits I've thought up to be incorporated into original work that I can publish, rather than in a reworking of someone else's material that will forever just be a blog post.  That being said, I hope you understand my decision.   

Anyway, the news broke today that Scott Gimple was replaced by Angela Kang, although he will still be connected to The Walking Dead franchise.  I have a couple of thoughts, so here they are if you care to hear my take on the situation.

The Decision

First of all, I highly doubt that this was a decision made strictly on the issues with Carl.  The shows ratings have been declining for a long time and Gimple has had some pretty bad ideas.  It's more likely that Season 6's Glenn fakeout and finale cliffhanger was concerning, the ratings declining brought this topic into actual consideration and this mid season finale was their last straw.

Should it be Kang?

After doing research on Kang and seeing what she's previously done on The Walking Dead, one can be concerned or excited.  She has ranged from bad episodes such as Still, but also great ones such as Thank You.  We really have no idea what she is doing, and she could kill Rick, turn every other character into a dog and reveal that the walkers are costumed aliens going to a Halloween party in the Season 9 premiere or she could give us the best episode of the entire show.  It is fair to judge her based on her previous work, but now that she can write her own material, we may see a different side of her, for better or worse.  We'll just have to wait and see.

What about Gimple?

Gimple is not done with The Walking Dead and is still a part of it.  He was essentially promoted, honestly.  I understand that this guy has been working on the show for a very long time and it's hard to just kick him out like that, and I'm not on the #KidnapGimpleandMakeHimRedoSeason8 bandwagon either.  I think he was good in Seasons 4, 5 and 6, minus a few things such as the hospital storyline and the cash grab attempts in Season 6, but Season 7 was pretty bad and Season 8 isn't looking good either.  I think he needed to go, but I don't think we needed a new showrunner.... (Gimple style cliffhanger to make you scroll down)

Too Late

I am excited for a new chapter of The Walking Dead, but I'm not as excited about this new change.  I do believe Gimple's Walking Dead was getting stale, but I think the show should respect itself and just end.  We've already seen the show change so much, between three showrunners and comparing Season 1 to Season 8 is almost like a new show with the a similar cast.  The pacing, the way it looks, the writing, everything has changed and doing that again just feels bad for the show.  Besides that, the show has been through enough and it feels too late.  Even if Kang runs the show to end, say Season 12, and every season is great, it's still going to feel weird talking about the show as a whole.  Think about it, if you talk about Breaking Bad, you can say it's a great show, but if you talk about Walking Dead, you say "Well Season 1 was good, but Season 2 was kinda slow but then it picks up and then it gets kinda bad again" and it will forever be up and down.  

Final Thoughts

I am looking forward to see how this works out and what Kang does, but I feel like this is getting stupid.  In a perfect world, Season 8 will end in a good way and they would just end the show there, but they aren't.  I'm not here to bash on Kang and say they shows going to be worse, but I just feel like it's better to just end it.  Like I said, even if it's good, the pacing will change, the feel, the look, etc.  This will be the third (arguably the forth time, but I personally don't think the overall tone of The Walking Dead changed between Seasons 1 and 2, even if the quality dropped) time the show has felt new and like a whole different show.  I hope she can pull the show up and I wish her best of luck, but I don't know if this is worth it either way.  Thanks for reading.