Welcome to Season 2!  This is the second part of my new series, and you can read part one here. [1]


Alive: Rick, Shane, Lori, Carl, Glenn, Andrea, Theodore, Carol, Sophia, Daryl, Dale, Seth, Jack, Madison, Allen, Lizzie, Mika 

Dead: Amy, Ed, Donna, Jacqui, Edwin 

Unknown: Morgan, Duane, Merle


Episode 1: The group is parked a few miles from the CDC and they stuggle to cope with the events of recent.  Rick and Shane discuss what the next best move is and Shane begins to seem bothered by something.  Dale and Andrea discuss the events of the CDC and Andrea confesses she wanted to stay but got scared.  Allen sits down with Lizzie and Mika and tells them that they need to stay near him or an adult at all times and they agree and begin to cry over Donna.  Seth and Madison discuss the events of the CDC and she says she wanted to stay and he stopped it, but Seth responds saying that they need her because she is one of the bravest there and he considers her a friend.  Rick and Shane call the group together and say that they don't know where they're going but they need to leave the area because they are still dangerously close to Atlanta.  Carl suggests they try to find a house or development and they could live there and Rick says they don't know of any.  Glenn intervenes, saying he knows a place he used to live a couple blocks from and they could try it.  Rick agrees and they head that way.  The group arrives at Wiltshire Pines, a development of houses and the area seems clear of walkers.  They enter the area and Shane says that they all need to sleep in the same house for a while and everyone agrees.  Rick, Shane, Madison and Daryl enter and scout the house to see if it's empty and they don't find any walkers.  The group enters and sets up home and everyone gets comfortable.  Shane sits Rick down and he says he has to tell him something and right as he's about to, Theodore shouts for help as walkers have come toward the house.  The group help and they clear the minor herd that approached the house.  Later, Shane sits Rick down again and tells him that he had an affair with Lori when he thought Rick was dead.  Rick, shocked, replies and tells Shane that it's okay and he understands, but he doesn't know if he can see him and Lori in the same light again.  Everyone eats from their rations and they go to bed and Rick tells everyone that if they hear anything to scream for everyone to get out.  Rick, Lori and Carl all set up in a room and Shane asks if he can sleep on their floor, but Rick says no.  Everyone falls asleep except for Rick who is fighting to get his mind off of Shane and Lori.  He smells something weird and gets up to see a piece of paper in the hallway on fire.  He screams for everyone to get out of the house.  The group escape but hear Jack screaming, Daryl and Seth climb up the side of the house to help get him out and they are successful.  The group comes together and tries to cope with the situation.  Jack gets down and is mad he left his gun in his room, but Daryl yells at him and tells him a thank you would be appreciated, but he says he didn't need their help and they begin to fight.  Glenn and Seth break it up and Rick tells them to stop and that they have a bigger problem, this was a domestic attack and someone in the group tried to kill them. 

Episode 2: The group all split off and cope with their situation.  Lori cries to Rick that all of their supplies is gone and asks if there is anything they can do to stop it and Rick says they can throw water at it but they would lose all of it.  Seth looks over in the RV and sees Madison in the back end with a knife, he runs over and asks her what she's doing and she says she is ending her suffering.  He takes the knife and tells her that she can't do this and it will get better if she just tries and waits it out and, annoyed, she says she can try.  Rick confronts Shane and asks him if he knew anything about the fire and Shane flips out saying he thinks he's accusing him of trying to kill the people he loves and Rick asks him who exactly he loves there, but Shane says he doesn't love anyone there and he didn't mean anything by it as he was just venting.  When the fire burns down, Rick, Shane, Theodore, Daryl, Andrea, Glenn and Seth all go in to see if they can save any supplies.  They learn that everything is ruined, but Andrea suggests they go to where Rick found the newspaper and see if they can find any evidence.  They go there, and they see that there is a lighter in Allen's room right by the door.  They try to discuss it, but Daryl pulls out his crossbow before they can and runs for Allen.  He pins him up on the RV and asks him what he did.  Allen denies this, and Seth pulls Daryl off and tells Allen he'll go in with him and show him.  Allen and Seth walk through the house and Seth asks him who slept in the rooms by him and he says Lizzie and Mika were in the room next to him and that's it.  Seth walks in their room and sees an open notebook with pages ripped out.

Episode 3: Allen and Seth walk out of the house and Seth calls Rick over to tell him what happened.  Rick then calls a meeting between all the adults, but asks Allen to stay back and watch the children.  Rick tells everyone and he says they need a plan for what to do.  Everyone votes against killing them, but they decide to confront the two.  Lori goes to call them over and Allen asks if he should come, and Shane says he shouldn't.  Carol and Seth confront them and they confess but say that they only did it to heat up.  Seth and Carol don't believe them but comply to comfort the girls so they won't do anything else.  The adults decide they need to watch the girls at all times and then they leave Wiltshire Farms.  They go out onto a highway and get stopped by a massive hoard approaching them.  They don't have time to turn around so they all duck under cars except for Andrea who is in the RV and locks herself in the bathroom.  Theodore ducks down and slices his arm open on a sharp broken piece of a car.  Everything goes good until Sophia screams when a walker sees her and runs into the forest.  Carol screams but Lori covers her mouth.  After the herd passes, Rick and Shane go into the woods to try and find her but they don't.  They run back and the group decides they need to split up to try and find her.  They all go out and Rick, Shane, Carl and Lori are all in a group.  Carl sees a deer and goes next to it but is shot through the stomach.

Episode 4: Rick runs to Carl and a man comes by crying saying he was trying to shoot the deer and he didn't see Carl.  He directs them to a farm and he says there is a man there who can help him.  Rick runs to the farm and gives a man named Hershel Carl.  Hershel runs inside to operate on him and says he should be able to save him.  Shane talks to a woman named Maggie and he says there is still more people in their group and they need to know where they are.  The two go out to find the individual groups and brings them all back.  They all reach the farm and ask Lori what is going on and she tells them everything.  The man who shot Carl introduces himself as Otis and he introduces them to Patricia, his wife.  He says the four of them have been hiding out at the farm since the beginning.  Seth, Andrea and Daryl all go back out in the forest to look for Sophia and they find her teddy bear and look around the area.  Lori talks to Patricia about how she hasn't gotten her period and how it's been due for a couple days and Patricia tells her she might be pregnant.  Theodore talks to Otis about his wound and says he hasn't been feeling good but he doesn't want to bother Hershel while he's working on Carl.  Rick sits by Carl's bed and prays but says he doesn't know if he believes anymore and God can prove he's real if he saves Carl.  Seth, Andrea and Daryl return but say they were unsuccessful.  The group all sit in Hershel's living room awaiting results for Carl and Sophia.

Episode 5: Maggie tells Hershel that she's going to town and asks anyone if they need anything.  Lori goes to her and asks her if she can get a pregnancy test.  Glenn tells her he'll go with her and they head out.  Dale goes outside and listens to Hershel's radio to try and find something and after about 3 minutes, he hears someone calling for help and giving coordinates.  He tells the group and Seth says he'll go out with Dale to try and find them.  They recieve a map from Otis and leave the farm.  Rick and Lori go to Carl's room and Hershel tells them he should wake up within a day.  Theodore confronts him and says he wanted to wait until he finished with Carl, but he shows his wound from the car and Hershel tells him he cut a severe artery and it is fatal.  Hershel goes in to work on him but says he doesn't have the supplies to help him.  Glenn and Maggie are in a pharmacy and Glenn picks up condoms and when Maggie questions him, one thing leads to another and they have sex.  They return to the farm and everyone except for Rick, Lori and Carol all have dinner and after Shane and Andrea get drunk, they flirt with each other and end up in the barn but discover it is full of walkers.

Episode 6: Dale and Seth are out on the road and discuss the children at the camp and Dale asks Seth how he handeled kids like Lizzie and Mika at his school, but Seth says he was just an assisstant and never did the punishments.  Rick and Shane talk about the walkers and Rick says they don't need to do anything about it but Shane argues with him and tells him an attitude like that is going to get Carl killed, if he survives this.  They get into a fistfight behind Hershel's house and when Rick draws blood, he leaves Shane alone.  Lori goes in Hershel's bathroom to take the pregnancy test and discovers she is pregnant.  Dale and Seth stop to eat and are swarmed by walkers.  They each crack their windows and kill the walkers who's heads reach the top of the car with knives.  After they've narrowed the herd down, Dale drives through it.  Lizzie and Mika ask Allen if he thinks Carl and Sophia will be okay and he says he doesn't know.  They both cry and say they miss Donna and how they're sorry for what they did at the house.  He forgives them and they go inside.  Thedore is sitting on the couch near tears and Patricia asks him what's wrong and he says he thinks he's dying and doesn't want to tell the group.  Patricia comforts him and says she can say something, but he begs her not to.  Glenn and Maggie talk and she says she likes him and he says he likes her too.  Daryl goes to Carol and tells her that he went out looking for her again and he says they'll find her.  Hershel calls Rick and Lori in with a smile on his face, and they go into the living room and see a healthy Carl.  Rick hugs Hershel and then tells Carl he was so scared he was going to lose his only child, Lori tells him she needs to tell him something.

Episode 7: Shane and Glenn are talking about Maggie and Shane says he's lucky to have found someone.  Rick and Lori walk past and go in a tent, and Shane puts his ear up to it when they enter.  Lori tells Rick she's pregnant and begins crying and she says she had an affair with Shane and Rick tells her it's okay and he knows because Shane told him.  Lori says that no matter what, it's his baby and Rick tells her he thinks Shane is going crazy.  Shane hears this and walks away angrily.  Seth and Dale arrive at the coordinates and find twelve eaten corpses and are horrified.  The decide to head back to the camp.  Rick and Lori walk inside and see Theodore, who is very sick and in pain.  He tells them what happened and they don't know how to respond as there is nothing they can do.  They hug him and say goodbye.  Outside, they hear Shane freaking out and yelling at Glenn because he said how happy he is and all three run out to see what is going on.  Rick runs to pull Shane off and Shane punches him and breaks open the barn.  The rest of the group run to see what's going on and immediately have to fight off the walkers.  In the mix of ones coming out of the barn, Sophia comes out as a walker and runs towards Daryl and Carol, who were in front of her when she walked out.  Sophia nearly bites Carol, but Theodore runs in a lets her bite him.  Shane stabs Sophia in the head multiple times and then is knocked out by Rick.

Episode 8: The group all sit in silence after what unfolded.  Theodore begins to turn and Rick puts him down.  Shane wakes up and gets in Rick's face yelling at him for getting Sophia and Theodore killed.  Jack jumps in and says Rick should've just left them at the development and none of this would've happened.  He tells him that Sophia and Theodore are now dead because of him and Seth and Dale probably are too.  Hershel diffuses the situation and says it was no one's fault.  Rick tells Shane to back off or he'll regret it.  Seth and Dale are driving back and they see someone begging for them to stop on the side of the road.  Seth asks them what's wrong and he asks if they can help them because they are starving.  Seth tells him they can bring them back and he gives them the rest of their food.  The man introduces himself as Tyreese, and then introduces his sister Sasha, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris.  Lori confronts Carol and tells her that she will be okay.  Glenn and Maggie are walking in the house and they see Madison slitting her wrists.  Glenn runs and tells her he thought she was better and she says so did she, but they also thought they would find Sophia.  She says Seth isn't here to stop her and this is what she needs.  Maggie brings Hershel in and he is able to save Madison.  Shane goes to Rick and says he's sorry for everything and he just wants to talk.  Rick agrees and when they get out far enough, Shane pulls his gun on Rick.  Seth and Dale arrive back at the farm with Tyreese and his group and they introduce themselves.  Rick and Shane argue and Shane tells him he heard his conversation and he knows it is his kid, not Rick's.  He says he is going to kill him and take back his family.  Rick tells him it never was his family and gets the upper hand on Shane and kills him but Shane fires off his gun, grazing Rick's arm.  Rick cries by his corpse until Shane turns and he puts him down.  He hears a hoard of walkers coming from the gunshot and he runs to the farm.

Episode 9: Seth and Dale are getting caught up by the group when Rick runs in and tells them to get their guns because there is a hoard coming.  He says everyone should meet at the highway and they all go.  Everyone fights and Rick sets the barn on fire to distract the walkers.  In the process of getting out, Allen is killed and he tells Carol to watch after Lizzie and Mika.  Everyone escapes and they meet by the highway.  Rick tells everyone about Shane and he says he turned even though he wasn't bit and Hershel suggests they are all infected.  Everyone agrees and they set up camp by the highway.  

Episode 10: The group has been in the open for eight months now as shown by hair growing and Lori now showing a baby bump.  Madison is now shown to have beat her depression since she started a relationship with Jack.  Lizzie and Mika have coped with Allen's death and seem to be stable now.  Glenn and Maggie are happy and still in love.  Rick and Glenn go on a supply run and end up in a bar.  They sit and rest for awhile when two men enter and introduce themselves and Douglass and Gabriel.  They tell Rick they need someplace to stay and ask him if they have a camp.  Rick lies and tells them no.  They argue and say they've been watching them for awhile and they want their supplies.  Rick says no and they begin to pull guns out but Rick shoots them in the head before they can.  Lizzie and Mika are playing with Carl and when he wins a game of rock, paper, scissors, Lizzie insists he cheated and punches him in the face and screams that she is going to kill him.  Carol pulls her off and asks what happened because she was doing good.  Lizzie says Lori can't have a baby because the baby is going to die and she's going to show her that by killing her son.  Carol brings the girls in the RV and tells them they can't do this again and the girls go to bed angry.  Rick and Glenn return to camp and gives his "We Are The Walking Dead" speech.

Episode 11: Rick wakes up to Lori having a contraction.  He comforts her during it and then heads to see Hershel.  Rick tells Hershel he is terrified that Lori is going to have to give birth out in the open and he says he's been looking for a place to stay lately.  Hershel tells him the best option right now is to leave and try to find somewhere to stay, and maybe if nothing else works, try his farm again as it may be clear, but Rick says no because since the gates broke their is nothing protecting it.  Rick tells everyone they are leaving and to get their things.  They look around and every house they find is taken or overrun.  After a while, Daryl suggests they go to Ohio as that's where he used to live and he knows it's a big area with a lot of places there.  The group leaves Georgia and heads up to Ohio, hoping for better luck.  They end up there and attempt a motel, but it is overrun.  After arrive at a prison, and Rick says this is their new home.

Episode 12: The group enters the prison and see that it has walkers but given how big the prison is, it is not that bad.  Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Andrea, Madison, Sasha, Tyreese, Maggie and Seth all go in to clear out the outdoor section while the rest of the group call for the walkers through the gates so they can stab them and help the ones fighting.  After it is cleared, the group repeats this process in every cell block.  Lori has a contraction and Rick tells her she can have the baby in safety now.  Rick, Daryl and Hershel go to the last cell block and Hershel is bitten and Rick amputates him as nine prisoners watch in horror through a window.


First of all, I would like to apologize.  I know one of the biggest complaints about the show is how they cycle out black characters and I didn't want to do that.  When I wrote this, one of the few last minute changes was that I wanted to kill Theodore and I've always knew this is when I would introduce Tyreese.  It was bad enough this happened in the same season, but then it was worse when it unfolded and ended up happening in the same episode.  This was not my intention at all and I will try my best to not do this in the future.

That being said, I love this season and have plans to make Season 3 even bigger.  Stay tuned!