Improving the Walking Dead - A message to Angela Kang

Improving the Walking Dead - A message to Angela Kang

Hi, Jaga back again. I have two announcements:
  • Here's a blog post in a different form. I love making blogs as you can tell but have entered the world of video making. It's my blog so I can fill it with what I want, and just so you know this isn't a sort of plug or anything because if you look at my channel I only have 4 subscribers. This isn't for any sort of attention, I just like having a blog bring my opinion forward in a cool way, and this is how I wanna make it. 
  • This video reveals I'm not a girl. Sorry for pretending to be female for a number of years lmao. 

Anyways, the following is framed as a message to new showrunner Angela Kang on how to improve the show when she takes over. I'm not actually thinking she's gonna see it, it's just my way of making this video feel like it has direction. Anyways, Gimple had two great seasons, one okay, and two lackluster ones and I think a chnage in showrunner is something the show needs. Here's my pointers:

  1. Film outside of Georgia. I know the tax breaks must be great and all, but if I see the same highway/train tracks/forest again I'm gonna commit.
  2. Change the opening credits. it's a mish-mash of old and new and an OCD nightmare as there's no criteria on when and how people change. Either don't change it or change it more frequently to match the season, like American Horror Story.
  3. Upgrade the cameras. they are old, grainy and don't fit in the TV of today, even compared to FTWD, which films on much more cinematic cameras.
  4. Focus more on the group. The reason Season 5 is the best reviewed season is because of one reason. The group spends the most time together and feels like a tightly-knit family. When people like Carol and Rick don't interact for two whole seasons it's hard to believe they are even friends anymore. Don't leave such big character moments for off screen. I would have rather seen them talk than a firefight anyday.
  5. Cut the filler. Either spread the action, up the budget, or cut the season down to 10-12 episodes so you lack the lull. Or just appreciate the fact you have 16 episodes and make good use of that time instead of being dumb. 
  6. cut the gimmicks. Audiences might talk about Morales, the flashforwards, a shock death, a fakeout etc etc for a few weeks, but these gimmicks only last short amounts of time and hurt the storytelling. No one cares about Morales or the flashfowards anymore, but people are talking about the lack of direction and pointless action. It's clear telling a good story is better than the shock moments. Look at any good TV to find that out. 
  7. Keep the characters moving in a direction that makes sense. If I see another character become pacifictic or edgy for half a season for no reason I swear down I'm inventing a zombie virus for real. With Tyreese, Morgan, Carol and Jesus all becoming non-killers for a season, and Sasha, Carol, Rosita and Tara going ramage it just shows you are going in circles with your characters and have no idea how to fill a cast without such bad sterotypes. 
  8. Stop doing dumb stuff with the editing. 60 second shots of faces might mean something to someone, but it just looks like the film team got to go wild and think what they've done is artsy. With such a big cast every second counts, but instead time is wasted on pointless shots to create mood. Over 100 epsiodes in I'm pretty sure we know the mood. 

Please Angela, fix this before you ruin my favourite show for good. it's still not too far gone. xx