A re-occurring theme in all drama-action shows like this, is 'dying for nothing'. If a character dies for nothing, we feel like that's not fair and that specific character should have lived longer. That's just how our brains work. It might seem like a good idea later, but at the moment, we think it's crap. Though, if they do die for something, like saving someone or something, we think that it's okay that the character died.

Why do I tell you this? I do that to give you a better experience when watching, reading and playing TWD, because if you think about whether or not the specific character died for something, you will enjoy it even more as you will accept the death.

Let's see if you can identify with some of these. Did you feel that it was unfair when the following people died:

If your answer is 'yes, that was unfair' then think about it; think about how much it added to the show, and how we feel now. Personally, I thought that Dale's death was so unfair, but now I see how it changed everyone in the group. Slowly, I've begun to realize how the deaths are important to the show, and now I enjoy it even more. When Axel died, I was pissed that they showed the death in a promo, but I did enjoy his death. I see how it was needed.

Compare it to people like T-Dog or Lori. How sad was that? But I were okay with it, because they died for something.

So accept the deaths, no matter what. Think; did they die for nothing? If the answer is yes, sit down and cry but continue watching. Nobody dies for nothing, especially not on this show. Everything here happens for a reason. If the answer is no, then that's great. Enjoy the episode. Do that either way, actually.

I don't know why, but I just felt like sharing these thoughts. Might be crap for most of you, but I hope some of you can use this.

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