Hello peeps.

Now, without asking the rest of the staff or anything, i just jumped in it and asked Keith N. Collis for an interview. This caused me to think that we need Walking Dead Wikia Interviews (like this from Lostpedia). 

This blog is made so i can see who people want interviewed, and what you want to ask them.

Bear in mind that most actors and crew are hard to contact, and spoilerish questions are no-go's. Therefore, minor characters and crew would be easier to interview. 

Suggestions for interviews:

This is the people that has been suggested for interviews. Once the interview is done, the person will be removed from the list.

TV Series

  • Lew Temple (Axel)
  • Emily Kinney (Beth) [Request sent]
  • Juan G. Pareja (Morales) [Request sent]
  • Russell Towery (Robbie) [Request sent]
  • Viviana Chavez-Vega (Miranda)
  • Madison Lintz (Sophia) [Interview confirmed]
  • IronE Singleton (T-Dog) [Request sent]
  • Linds Edwards (Leon) [Request sent]
  • Claire Bronson (Candace) [Interview confirmed]
  • Ambey Chaney (Anette) [Request sent]
  • Aaron Munoz (Tony) [Request sent]
  • Keedar Whittle (Sean) [Request sent]
  • Phillip DiDo (Warren) [Request sent]
  • Lawrence Kao (Tim) [Request sent]
  • James Allen McCune (Jimmy) [Request sent]
  • Alexa Nikolas (Haley) [Request sent]
  • Chad Coleman (Tyreese)
  • Kelley Davis (Paula)
  • Tyler Chase (Ben)
  • Daniel Thomas May (Allen) [Request sent]
  • Daniel Roebuck (BJ) [Request sent]
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince (Otis) [Request sent]
  • Adam Minoravich (Ed) [Request sent]
  • Adrian Turner (Duane) [Request sent]
  • Emma Bell (Amy) [Request sent]
  • Melissa McBride (Carol) [Request sent]
  • Theodus Crane (Big Tiny) [Request confirmed]
  • Anthony Guajardo (Miguel) [Request confirmed]
  • Scott Dale (National Guardsman) [Request sent]
  • Matthew Austin Murray (National Guardsman) [Request sent]
  • Savana Jade Wehunt (Walker) [Request sent]
  • Clair Danielle Canterbury (Walker) [Request confirmed]
  • Nilsa Castro (Walker) [Request sent]
  • Jevocas Green (Walker) [Request sent]
  • Addy Miller (Walker) [Request confirmed]

  • Keith N. Collis (Transport) [Request sent]
  • Alex Hajdu (Production) [Interview confirmed]
  • LeShae Ann Nash (Art) 
  • Eulyn Womble (Costume) [Request sent]
  • Bear McCreary (Music) [Request sent]
  • Edward Trybek (Music) [Request sent]
  • Reid Andrews (Electrician) [Request sent]
  • Ernest Dickerson (Director)
  • Frank Darabont (Writer)
  • Glen Mazzara (Writer)
  • Nathan Alexander (Props) [Request sent]
  • Henri Wilkinson (Music) [Request sent]
  • Kyle Cooper (Title) [Interview confirmed]
  • Savana Jade Wehunt (Stunt double) [Request sent]
  • Kevin Galbraith [Request confirmed]
  • Theshay West [Request sent]
  • Keisha Tillis [Request sent]
  • William Hart [Request sent]

Video Game

  • Adam Harrington (Andy St. John)
  • Brian Sommer (Danny St. John) [Interview confirmed]
  • Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett)
  • Mara Junot (Christa) [Interview confirmed]
  • Nicki Rapp (Lilly) [Interview confirmed]
  • Melissa Hutchison (Clem) [Interview confirmed]
  • Owen Thomas (Omid) [Interview confirmed]
  • Nicole Vigil (Carley) [Interview confirmed]
  • Brian R. Davis (Chet) [Request confirmed]
  • AJ Locascio (Host) [Request confirmed]
  • Sean Vanaman (Video Game writer) [Request sent]
  • Jared Emerson-Johnson (Music)
  • Jory Prum (Recordist) [Interview confirmed]


  • Charlie Adlard (Writer)
  • Cliff Rathburn (Inker) [Request sent]


  • Jay Bonansinga (Writer)
  • Neil Lang (Cover, Novel 1) [Request sent]


I, personally, don't think too many different people should interview. Everyone should ask questions to people, though, just asking them in a comment below. If you anyway interview someone, please post the responses underneath, until a page like the one on Lostpedia has been made.

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