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PART FIVE: "Adventures in Babysitting"
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For a moment, Lee panics and considers to attack. But he sees that the small girl isn't one of them -- she looks to be alive and relatively healthy.

Remaining where he is, Lee slowly gets down on one knee, and sets the shotgun aside, pointing it away from the girl.

"It's okay." He nods. "I'm not gonna hurt you... she was one of them."

"... I-I know." The girl's voice is soft and light, and she remains where she stands. "I-I heard her screaming a while ago..."

An awkward, slightly tense silence hangs over the two.

"... why are you here?" The girl asks.

Lee chooses his words carefully. "I... was trying to run away from those monsters. Came inside looking for help."

"Oh... I-I'm Clementine. This is my house." The girl responds. "W-Who are you?"

The man felt a little hesitant to reply, but he needed to stay calm. "My name's Lee... where are your parents?"

Clementine's grip on the hammer loosens, and she slowly sets it down. "They went down to Savannah for a while... where the boats are." Her eyes fall on the mutilated corpse. "I was staying with Sandra... my babysitter."

Lee grimaces as he looks back at the corpse. He tries to get the girl's eyes off of it. "You've been... all by yourself through this?"

"Y-Yeah, and I want my parents to come home now..." Clem's lips waver a little, and she looks away at another part of the floor.

Lee frowns at the small girl. After hearing the answering machine messages, he starts to put a few things together. He considers his options...

"It's dangerous here." Clementine speaks up. "W-What should we do now?"

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37.8% of people voted to tell Clementine about her parents. (14 Votes)

5.4% of people voted to explore the house. (2 Votes)

43.2% of people voted to leave the house with Clementine right now. (16 Votes)

0% of people voted to wait until nighttime to leave. (0 Votes)

0% of people voted to stay in the house. (0 Votes)

0% of people voted to let Clementine decide. (0 Votes)

0% of people voted to abandon Clementine right now. (0 Votes)

13.5% of people voted to abandon Clementine at night. (5 Votes)

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