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    So, we're here once again to celebrate the renewal of The Walking Dead!! AMC The Walking Dead only tweeted out a few minutes ago, along with this S6 Poster that it is now renewed!! Praise the lord. So yeah, what else to say, it's amazing! and Scott Gimple will once again to make the show awesome by being the show runner again. Guessing that Season 6 to 7 may be a bit before the All Out War arc from the Comics, introducing characters like Ezekiel, Shiva, Jesus, Gregory, Negan, Connor, Richard, Dwight and the other unimportant ones that I dont remember and don't matter. I know this may be under 300 under words but is probably the best news that's been released in a while to The Walking Dead Fans, so it can be a short blog, right.

    Edit - AMC's…

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  • Kovarro

    So, three new promo's for Season 5 were released in the last 10 days, and no blogs about it so I thought why not. Although the first two teases were mostly reused footage from the Comic-Con trailer, the third one features new footage featuring Tyreese. Idk if this is important to be used in a blog, and it's only like 280 words, not 300, but it can always be moved to the Forums.

    The first teaser goes for 11 seconds which features a few clips suggesting that Terminus are cannibals, with the quote from Sasha "We don't know what's coming next".

    The second teaser is about Rick saying that his people are family etc, and it also goes for 11 seconds, which features an unused clip of the Termites carrying the tied up Rick off, and Michonne and two ot…

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  • Kovarro

    It has been a long wait to play this episode since it only came out in the PSN European Region today,

    I know there has been a lot of reviews on this Episode but since it only came out for me today I havnt been able to make one,

    I decided to make a blog on some of the characters and what I thought and my choices or reaction to them.

    Right now this has been on of my favourite episodes in all of the episodes (Season 1/400 Days)

    Alvin: Right now Alvin is one of my Favourite Characters, I has interested to see more of him this episode but there wasnt much on him, I liked how we saw a new angry side to him because I thought he was generally just a nice guy. After Carver invaded I thought nothings going to happen to Alvin but when he was grabbed and s…

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  • Kovarro

    Joe's Group

    March 10, 2014 by Kovarro

    Now where do I start, I usually dont make blogs but I thought I would review the Episode Alone since I think it was one of the greatest episodes of this Season, It brang back the mysterious bandits from 'Claimed' which was awesome, And we now know how many were in there group. Except Lou who we definatley no is dead.

    I didnt think much of this group when they were first showed and I thought they wouldve only been a one time Episode kind of group, But now that they have shown them it made me interested in them, But are they a Good or Evil kind of group?

    My first impressions of them returning to find Daryl sitting on the road after chasing whoever kidnapped or Saved Beth (Thinking it was Gareth or Ft. Gabriel) is that im going to enjoy this gr…

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  • Kovarro

    Maggie Been Safe from Damage

    February 23, 2014 by Kovarro

    Has Maggie been Immune From Damage?

    I was just watching over the Seasons again, And I was thinking that every character that is alive right now, Has been in some way damaged (Not Mentally, Physically Damaged). Except for Maggie, throughout the seasons she may have had some close calls with walker, But who hasnt. And she may have been captured by The Governor by the only thing that happened was TG made her strip.

    Im was just thinking, Even the strongest characters right now have been in some way, Physically Damaged. Tyreese, Daryl & Michonne

    Here is a list of things that damaged the survivors throughout the Season:

    Rick -

    • Shot by a Criminal, put into a coma
    • Thrown of his horse
    • Had a "Street Fight" with Shane :D
    • Had another fight with Shane with led…
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