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  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Writer of The Fall of Mankind (UFS Wikia)
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  • Never more0122333

    I saw in Twitter, people say Morgan will appear in the season finale.

    I saw also at IMDb, Morgan was in the cast in "A".

    Is this true?

    I will find proof if he's going back. It would be cool if Morgan will be back!! Especially in the Season Finale.

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  • Never more0122333

    Ok, I think this is what will happen. Carol will say the truth and Tyreese might kill her but if Carol won't say the truth. TyreesexCarol might develop. I think Lizzie will kill Judith or Mika. Anyways, I made a poll so people can give their opinions.

    More polls will come after episodes gone by.

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  • Never more0122333

    Attack of Prison 3?

    November 13, 2013 by Never more0122333

    Governor might be planning something why he burned Woodbury. I got 2:

    1. Michonne will try again to find him and maybe in Woodbury. Then trapping her. or...

    2. Will have a new base near prison. Attack at night. 

    Last thing.... please answer the poll before you leave this blog.

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  • Never more0122333

    I think the meaning of the episode 6 name "Live Bait" is that Governor will use "baits"(walkers again?) for the alive or "live" persons(Rick and his group.) or he will use Carol to be the "live bait"

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  • Never more0122333


    October 31, 2013 by Never more0122333

    You think The Saviors will appear in TWD TV Series?

    Well, as we all know they're many and Robert should recruit many extras or actors.

    But if the Saviors will appear in TWD TV Series

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