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    Good afternoon, Wikia community! Today I will be trying something a bit new to my activity on the wiki: doing a character spotlight and giving my thoughts on the character. Today we will be talking about the Season 4 character, Bob Stookey.

    Bob is introduced to us as just another prison newcomer, just like Zach or David. He seems kind enough and wants to contribute to the group by going to The Big Spot supply run. He is also an additonal african american survivor, which weveryone seems to be obsessed with, despite the fact that african descendants make up almost 15% of The US. Bob is a man who struggles with great losses, as well as alcoholism. It becomes apparent that being alone in the apocalypse has changed him.

    As we all know, Bob seemed …

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  • Pmatte22

    Too many characters?

    May 27, 2014 by Pmatte22

    So as we all know, the AOW story arc is finished. Negan is still alive as well as:

    Rick, Andrea, Carl, Michonne, Dwight, Ezekiel, Paul, Harlan Carson, Carson, Maggie, Sophia, Rosita, Eugene, Gabriel, Olivia, Heath, Aaron and a few other small characters that I could be forgetting.

    On top of those, we have our new arrivals:

    Magna, Luke, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, Siddiq and Annie

    With each issue only being so long, and coming out just once a month (normal level), I believe Kirkman is going to start getting bogged down in terms of plot development, as he will have to show at least a little bit from each character. Therefore, I strongly believe that we have a list of expendables in the next, say, 12 issues to come so that we can have a bit more liberty …

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    "Liar" - The Governor

    April 24, 2014 by Pmatte22

    So in Dead Weight , The Governor , Martinez , Mitch and Pete are on a supply run and they come across a few military-esque personnel, each of them had signs on them. One thing I noticed is that one of them who was leaning against a tree, decapitated had a sign that said "liar". Later The governor says "liar" just before decapitating Hershel .

    Is this a coincidence or could the Governor have done that to those men, adding their heads to his fishtank collection before he met Rick and the rest?

    Let me know what you think!

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