So, I was thinking about season three, then, after I browsed the sypnosis of the coming episodes(Based on the comics series, but because of the twisting storyline...)

"The Suicide King"- The title suggest Suicide King, the question is who? In the comics, it was Carol who comitted suicide, but the title says "King." and in fact Carol has stronger personality than her comics counterpart. It's hard to speculate and I'm not sure who, but I'm guessing it's either Allen, Ben trying to take over prison not knowing about Rick. Or maybe Rick himself, for he will risk his life to save Daryl and the fact that he will go "Home" to find Tyreese.

"Home"- Obviously we can say, Rick will find Morgan, and encounter maybe some others?(The Gang in Vatos? Them? They're not dead yet? The extra scene was deleted right?). Daryl and Merle and Martinez(Or one of them), suppose joins side with the governor and both are sent to the prison, as undercovers.

"I ain't Judas"- Rick still finding Morgan, may have encountered the Gang from Vatos, now he ask them to join him, because, it's not safe in Atlanta anymore. Andrea then tries to question Governor what happened to Daryl and Merle.

"Clear"- Rick finds Morgan, but like in the comics, Duane is bitten, so maybe... He is forced to kill him. In Woodbury, Andrea tries to find out what the Governor's planning.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"- Merle is missing(Or Daryl, for the title suggest, Arrow). The one missing goes to the governor to reveal the prison, and obviously the Gorvenor rallies Woodbury agaisnt the Prison.

"Prey." The governor camps, near the prison, and Andrea(Who secretly goes with the Woodbury survivors) sneaks to the prison to find. As she sneaks inside(Maybe the same place where Tyreese went in) she is trapped by walkers. Governor attacks, wounding Rick or killing some(Though maybe no). Daryl then must choose which side he really is.

"This Sorrowful Life."/"Killer within Part2"

One- Daryl betrays them(Or Merle?) and kills someone

Two- Daryl kills someone but he noticed Woodbury is losing so... He doesn't reveal he killed someone yet. Either way chances are Daryl will betray them.

Andrea is saved by Michonne, and governor(Victorious or Losing) screams to Rick, asking where Andrea is.

"Welcome to the tombs."- Martinez joins the Survivors, and I feel, he will not betray them, where they escaped? I don't know, but seems, as Mazarra said He sees Prison story may continue to season four.

-Clarification, the latter part, it's BLURRED because there are to many suspects in some crime, like "The Betrayer" in the "Killer Within Part2" and "The missing" in "Arrow in the doorpost."

Here are my other speculations on Deaths and Lives

Who will survive?

Rick- Yes

Carl- Yes

Judith-50%(I think she is the "Prey")

Glenn- Yes!(Who would Negan beat?)

Maggie- Yes

Carol- 75% Yes(she may commit suicide or "Prey" for the traitor)

Hersel- Yes? He was seen on the set

Beth- 50% She may get shot

Axel- 50% He may get shot in the head

Daryl- 75% Yes( He may die if he is the traitor, but as the last sypnosis suggest... Someone is tricking them, so it may be Daryl.

Michonne- Yes

Tyreese- 50%Yes(Or no, because if the Season 3 marks the end of the Prison Arc he is dead

Sasha- 50% Yes(If Morgan is here, she may be his love interest)

Ben- Yes( Or he gets killed by Daryl or Carl in the later parts)

Allen- No


Governor- He'll die soon enough

Andrea- Yes! 

Martinez- Yes

Merle- 50% Yes

Shupert- No

Haley- No

Stevens- ???(She may not Join the Prison Survivors)

To abuse my post,

I think Lilly may not appear in this season yet, because as Mazarra states, the storyline for the prison may last until season four, unfortunately, Mazarra is... But I believe it will last until season four, and the second woodbury attack will commence, wherein many may perish on the side of the Prison Survivors

The Gang from Vatos may not appear, but I do hope so, maybe Rick may pass to the nursing home to find them dead. Or some may have survive and helped Rick out.

The three bandits on the comics that ambushed Rick, Carl and Abraham may appear? But... It's gross to see that.

More than that, all of them are speculations and predictions? So what do you think? Is it concrete enough and make sense? Comments!