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This is a blog for any updates and/or info about Season 2 of The Walking Dead Video Game by Telltale Games.

So, if you have any info on the upcoming season, or anything related I can add on to here, feel free to comment! Also, admins can add things to this blog if they find anything major.

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Reveal Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Reveal Trailer

The official Reveal Trailer for Season 2.

WDG S2 Omid

Omid with Clementine at Gil's Pitstop.

Screenshots of Clementine from Season 2!

What we know so far:

  • Telltale plans to tie Season 2 in closer with the television adaptation of The Walking Dead, and is investigating the possibility of creating ties between characters in the television show and those in Season 2.
  • Clementine will definitely be a part of Season 2.
  • Kenny's fate will be explored.
  • A picture was shown on Comic-Con San Diego 2013 with Clementine sitting next to another person in the rain, however it is not found on the internet, making it most likely to be fake.
  • The silhouettes on the hill's identity will be revealed.
  • It was confirmed in an interview with Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart about The Wolf Among Us that Season 2 will be released around the same time as The Wolf Among Us, which will be released on October 11th.
  • According to Telltale Games' twitter, "big news" on Season 2 will be revealed later this month.
  • It is said that some of the characters who were first introduced in the "400 Days" DLC are anticipated to appear in this season.
  • Telltale has confirmed "Big News" to reveal on October 29th.
  • You will play as Clementine.
  • A few screenshots has been revealed, check Clementine's Gallery in the Season 2 section.
  • Job J. Stauffer stated on Twitter that he and Laura Perusco did a pre-testing of Season 2 on November 13th. Job also stated on November 22nd, "Season Two premiere on the horizon".
  • The first episode of Season 2 is called "All That Remains"
  • Omid will appear in "All That Remains" and meet Clementine at Gil's Pitstop.
  • In the bonus CD that came with the Game Of The Year edition of Season 1, Telltale said that Clementine's combat system will focus more on using the environment to her advantage, like running and hiding, instead of psysichal fighting.

My thoughts on the points above

  • Personally, I don't like the idea of the whole tying the TV Series to the Video Game thing. I want the Video Game to stay the video game universe, the comics the comic universe, and so on. A cameo appearance can be cool every now and then, but tying the whole TV Series to the Video Game? No.
  • Clementine is confirmed to appear in Season 2, that's great! I was hoping to see what's happened to her and what scenarios she will appear in!
  • My biggest hope is that Telltale won't go with a cheap answer to this one. I hope we will actually see Kenny, dead or alive (or undead for that matter), and not like his hat on the ground or something.
  • The whole thing about the picture at Comic-Con San Diego I have a hard time to believe. As there has been no pictures at all but fake ones on the internet, I think it was just a bluff.
  • The silhouettes are confirmed to be revealed, which is good. Currently I have no idea who it might be. Maybe Tavia and the Radio Survivor.
  • So, coming closer and closer to release date here, it seems it will be released around the end of October. Very cool, I'm glad we didn't have to wait so long. Still waiting for the trailer, though!
  • Some 400 Days characters will appear. Probably the protagonists, but we'll have to see!
  • The "BIG NEWS" they have been talking about have finally been confirmed to come out on October 29th. I'm really looking forward to it!
  • Ahh, cliche. We will play as Clementine. Not sure how this will work out, but I'm excited!
  • The screenshots are looking really cool, I wonder how she will be able to survive this trouble!
  • So, Job and Laura did some pre-testing, and that means we're getting closer and closer!
  • First episode is called All That Remains, I guess it would be for showing what's left and how Clementine will handle it.
  • OMID WILL APPEAR! I'm so stoked! He is my favorite character and we get him back for Season 2! But will Christa appear? They seem to be at Gil's Pitstop, where Shel's group was settled.
  • To be honest, that was what I was expecting. Not Clementine running around with battleaxes and machine guns, but instead hiding and stuff. That could be a really interesting concept.


What do you think Kenny's status is? (Not what you HOPE.)

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Who are the silhouettes on the hill?

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Is Tavia a traitor?

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Do you think Christa is alive and well with Omid?

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Which one of these characters do you hope the most makes an reappearance?

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And that concludes The Walking Dead Video Game Season 2 Blog. Feel free to share with me your predictions, thoughts or anything in the comments.

Peace out.

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