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  • Riley Heligo

    Oh hai, guess who it is. Some douchebag who enjoys using GIF's (or according to this crafty bastard overuses) and saying random stuff on forums...yeah me, Riley...ANYWAY!

    I'm here to bring up the issue of how the wiki uses the term "protagonist", this is mainly aiming at the TV series characters. Protagonist generally means THE central character, it's possible to have more than one, if their roles are equal, where in the TV series they're not. You cannot have "X is a main protagonist" or "Y is a minor protagonist" as it contradicts the definition of protagonist.

    The Protagonists page is something what irks me greatly, why do we have it? It's practically listing everyone who's an ally to the protagonist...that's not a protagonist, that's an a…

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  • Riley Heligo

    The trailer for A House Divided has been released roughly a few minutes ago.

    It's shown in IGN's interview with Scott Porter but I'll add a link to the trailer itself and save you guys the trouble of skipping for the trailer. Telltale being the good folks they are haven't revealed the I.T.Y.W.D guy/chick/monster/alien/person. Carver makes his physical appearance and is voiced by the famed Michael Madsen, who's pretty well known for his role as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs.

    I myself am personally excited with this episode and interested in the Carver and Cabin Group problem.

    The blog's pretty short I know, but I can't really think of much to type up now. Post thoughts in the comments.

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  • Riley Heligo

    Alright, not sure if I'm overstepping my bounds as a user but.

    I've noticed there's likely going to be an issue relating to characters who had a determinant fate but wind up dead regardless. The issue is, it's going to confuse the hell out of people, if I saw that "X" was determinant and then see that they end up dead regardless of the players actions I'd probably end up questioning why their fate is listed as determinant.

    I had an issue with Molly being listed as determinant as well, in either outcome her fate is unknown we don't know if she's killed should she be left behind. My problem with this is that just suddenly changing their fates to determinant after God knows how many months of having them dead, unknown etc seems a bit too far, I…

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  • Riley Heligo

    No Time Left trailer.

    November 19, 2012 by Riley Heligo

    Yup the title's correct folks, gotta say looks like it's gonna be a pretty goddamn heavy episode, this coming from someone who isn't easy to upset.

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