Hey-o, Anyone else peeing themselves with curiousness for what's next in the Walking Dead? I am. First things first I think that negan is going to treat Carl not nicely, but not badly.but then Carl will say something and Negan will not like it, and get him locked for toutre. in the tv michonne will be all "govener is bad, lets kill them, but Rick says no, and she will not be pleased, and Glenn won't fair well, and Maggie will possibly be raped, in the video game, Kenny could die, but is set as determinant and will get killed by walkers, or live, krista is gone, Clem Clem Is scared for life, and campman is brutally murder by lee, in the end it will come to lee sating in savanah as the rest leave, and lee will die.

thoughts? put comments below and leave your theory below, tooodles , --Runner13 (talk) 04:49, November 20, 2012 (UTC)