These are all the characters i think could die in season 10 

  1. Alpha: Alpha will die in the Mid-Season Finale getting her comic death by Negan or Carol 
  2. Beta: In think they will kill Beta wil get his Comic Death in the Finale but Daryl will kill him 
  3. Gage: Gage could get Brandon Rose's Death but since Brandon is in the show he could be killed when the herd attacks Alexandria 
  4. Ezekiel: Ezekiel will die in the Back half of the Season most likely 
  5. Nabila: I think Nabila will get Paula's Death from the Comics 
  6. Gamma: Gamma will be killed by Michonne or Daryl 
  7. Connie: Connie will get Andrea's Death from the Comics 

Characters that could get Gabriel's Death from the comics. 1 being the character i really thing is going to get it and 2 and back being characters i could also see getting it 

  1. Siddiq: Siddiq is one character who i think could get this death. This or Saving Rosita 
  2. Luke: Luke would be the biggest impact on Magna's Group and he seems to form a Friendship with Judith 
  3.  Alden: Alden could get this death based on how he wants to stop the whisperers 
  4. Arron: Arron could get it but i think he could die in a different way when the Walker Herd attacks Alexandria 

Small Characters who could die. Not all will die but all of them i can see dying but not all of them dying 

  1. Scott: Been on since Season 6 and has like no lines so easy death 
  2. Barbara: Been on Since Season 5 and would effect Alexandria 
  3. Kyle: Easy Death to Happen 
  4. Mrs. Robinson: Probably not going to happen because she probably won't appear 
  5. Nora: Easy Death 
  6. Alice: She could die if she appears
  7. Bertie: Been on since Season 6 and has no Story
  8. Kal: Easy Character to Kill 
  9. Oscar: Easy to Kill Character
  10. Dianne: Known Character would could easily be killed

That's the characters i think aqre going to die. 

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