Season 9 started off very good wih A New Beginning, The Bridge, Warning Signs, The Obliged, and What Comes After being some of the best episodes in a long time. Most episodes were great besides a couple. I believe that epsiode 7, Stradivarius being the weakest of them all. Omgea was a good but not great episode in my opinion. "What Comes After" is my favorite episode of all time being the final episode of Rick Grimes. The first half was the best in years but Stradivarius was a bit too slow. The second half was a good aswell. Episode 10 and 12 were a bit weak. Adaptation was a great episode with it being the first episode of Alpha and Lydia. Omgea was a bit slow but was still good. the back stories were cool to see but the rest was a bit meh. Bounty was a great episode with Samantha Morton doing a great job and showing she will be a great new cast member. Guardians was another good but a bit slow episode. Sean and Helen's challenge was the best part of the episode with Helen's death showing what Alpha would do to 10 of our survivors. This epsidoe also introduces Ryan Hurst as Beta. Chokepoint was a good episode the best part being the Daryl and Beta fight scene. Chokepoint was the indroudion to Angus Sampson as Ozzy and the Highwaymen. Scars was a amazing episode with Michonne's friend, Jocelyn being indroduced and killed off. This episode has one of the darkest endings this show has had since The Grove. Now, The Clam Before is a amazing episode with the fair, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, and Yumiko's adventure to see Alpha's camp, the pike scene and the aftermath. The fair was a great start to the episode. Thoughout the fair we were being tesased about who was going to die. Alpha's camp was a good scene with the best part of the scene was the horde shown. The pike scene was a huge scene. I have little problems being Ozzy was a bad choice, Alek was a no named character and was indroduced in that episode. D.J and Frankie were sad to see go but still good deaths. Tammy Rose was a sad one to see go. Addy is was also sad to see go, but Rodney was a character i was fine see going. Enid was a very sad death that i was sad to see go. Her relationship with Alden was a good part of the episode. Tara Chambler was a character i was fine to see go. I wasn't a huge fan of her. Now, Henry, i was disapointed to see Henry go because he was finally becoming a good character. Siddiq's speech was a good end to the episode. The Storm was a episode i think we needed after such a huge episode before it. The snow was awsome to see finally after 9 seasons. Hearing the voice at the end was a good cilfhanger to end a great season off. 

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