Hello everyone Im here with the final results of The biggest Walking dead video game characters fan awards, so lets see the winners.

The Winners

Lee: Devinthe66

Clementine: RelicRaider

Andre: RelicRaider

Shawn: DevynC2

Katjaa: Hunter Biondolino

Kenny: DarkShadow667

Doug: RazorWolfz

Carley: SilentGlaive

Larry: TheBigSwingingDick

Mark: WalkerMaimer

Ben: CamTheWoot

Charles: RazorWolfz

Omid: DominicT22

Molly: Devinthe66

Brie: Rick123Axel

Vince: WalkerMaimer

Danny: Devinthe66

Nate: GhostWolf716

Shel: WalkerMaimer

Roman: DevynC2

Congrats to all the winners, for those who didn't win, there is always season 2 ;)

Next Awards?

Well now that we have finished the user awards 1 and 2, Biggest TV character fans, Biggest Comic character fans and now finished Biggest Video game character fans. Whats next you may ask, well, TheSamBuckley will be making the third user awards this january hopefully, and for my awards, you shall see another awards in a week, but not user or biggest character fan awards, somthing new.