I'm actually speechless and huge shocking for this issue... This is by far my favourite issue all the time because it's so intsense I EVER FEEL!! 

In the beginning of the issue, I love Hershel Jr. because HE'S SO DARN CUTE KID! I enjoy seeing them together watching sunset and feel like back day in prison.. Amazing! I have a feeling that Sophia have feeling for Carl! ;) 

Magua and her group... UGH I hate this group sometime group never understand about group stories since outbreak start.. Oh well it happens.. I hope Andrea can handle the story to tell the truth about Negan but this could take long one.. It's true! 

Dante, Doug, and unnamed guard got surrounded by bunch of walkers.. but amazing happen they make a good move about five steps killing! Very Interesting.. Until now Walkers had just talk and I thought Walkers did talk but not? Two of them just holding knifes got me confused (I know I've seen zombies holding things before) and attack Doug and unnamed guard (R.I.P). When Dante got them and AMAZING HAPPEN TO ME THAT I THOUGHT THE PERSON INSIDE THE SUIT OR MASK JUST LIKE SCARY MOVIE 3 WHEN ALIEN WEARING MICHAEL JACKSON SUIT!! Dante turn the back body and GOT ME SHOCK THAT SEWING TIED (I KNEW IT)! It was a alive person inside a suit and affect to Walkers... DAMN THAT IS SMART THING TO DO!! Robert Kirkman.. You are god imagination of comic.. I bow to you. When Dante heard the guy and turn around.. It was another Walker Mask and say "DON'T MOVE" That is a great ending for Volume 22. I SERIOUSLY love this issue so much and I can't wait to see what happened next. 

My theory: You know what about Leader in a Walker Mask.. It seem that He/She will very great villain than Negan because it's very interesting to see that. Walker Mask group will be one huge bloody group in the Walking Dead History and hope things will be SCARY TO US ALL! 


I give this issue 10/10 rating the best! :D 

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