Just thought that if there's any good place to put this kind of thing, it's here.

Honestly, I'll just get the positives out the way.

For the first thing, I love this new Clementine. While it's a bit bittersweet, because she used to be so innocent, she still manages to be as adorable in a sort of messed up way, like her face when she shot that random ammo dealer. That was just a laugh-out-loud moment.

And I love Jesus.

Yup. Those were the only positives. *cough* *COUGH* for the rant...


First off, I was all for the idea of having a newer protaginist. But I would prefer to have a character we already knew. Because the whole time I was playing, there was nothing that made me feel that original Walking Dead feel. That crappy Michonne series had that same problem - it just wasn't Telltale's Walking Dead. In fact, Kenny made Season 2 happen.

With that being said, I honestly tried to have best intentions while playing the game, but I just couldn't enjoy it because I always had that thought in my mind where I was like, "Okay, where's Clementine, where's Clementine, somebody just died, great, WHERE'S CLEMENTINE?" Sorry for overrating her, but at this point she's the best that Telltale's got when it comes to an original, great character.

They didn't even get creative with their new characters. There's new Kenny, new Ben, new Mike/Arvo hybrid, new Sarah, new Asian Woman Carlos, you get my point. God, you wouldn't believe how many times I tried to kill new Ben. What's his name... Brandon or something? I honest to God don't even remember. He was just so annoying. And when new Sarah died, I honestly did not care. I wouldn't even remember her name if I didn't think of Mariana Sauce. I mean, it was unfortunate, but it was like, we know Telltale has a ruthless nature of killing random characters. But if we aren't connected to them, then it doesn't really matter. Like, I chose the Wellington option because I thought Clem and AJ would actually be able to stay there for a while and be safe, but nope, of course your decisions don't matter. And before I rant about that - of course, Edith died as well, but I honestly did not care. Like I said, it was unfortunate, but what - was she on the game for like, 20 minutes? Her appearance was entirely determinant too.

Okay, time to rant about decisions. I found out that your decisions honestly don't matter AGAIN, which was a bit predictable. I played through all 4 Clementine scenes, and I feel bad for those guys that really fell into a dilemma at the Jane and Clem ending. Because honestly, all it did was change literally one line of dialouge. Obviously, Telltale didn't care about the Clementine "flashbacks". I was expecting a 50/50 split between whats-his-face (another rant) and Clementine, but of course, we got literally 8 minutes to play as her, and it was the biggest "f-u" ever. When they got rid of Omid and Christa in Season 2, I got pissed, but I sort of understood. It needed to happen to propel the story forward, but when either Kenny or Jane died, they were just pawning both of them off and it never mattered in the end. Here's my problem for all the endings:

  1. Kenny crashed through the window, but you're telling me Clem, who was in the driver's seat, and a BABY who wasn't even riding the car properly both ended up safe? Honestly, what the hell. When Kenny died before (his "death" in season 1 included), there was a huge scene. There was buildup. There was emotion. In this death scene, I couldn't even express how pissed I was. It was lazy, it was typical, predictable, and I just knew it would happen.
  2. Jane killing herself... honestly, I didn't even know her and Luke went all the way... I don't like Jane that much, so I don't know how to feel, but... god, I feel bad for those Jane fans. That's even lazier and cheaper than the Kenny death.
  3. The most unrealistic ending - Wellington. Wellington was safe for years. NOBODY was able to defeat them even when they were trying to hang up that big as* wall. So you're telling me that a little while after Clementine gets there, a truck and some people were able to kill everybody and take over?
  4. I actually don't have a problem with the alone outcome - it actually made some sense.

They obviously didn't even try when it came to the playable flashback. Kenny, Jane, and Edith didn't even look how they did in Season 2. I understand that they changed the system the game was running on, but they managed to get Clementine's look right. They don't even look like the same person. The only thing that would even distinct them would be their clothes. Again - poor season 1 & 2 fans, most, if not all of the people playing the game is likely them...

My last rant for now, I promise.


I know I pretended I didn't know his name back there, but don't worry, my memory is not that bad, honest to god.

But Javier was just really boring as a character. Honestly, I didn't hate him. There just wasn't anything that made him unique as a character. Nothing that made him stand out. He was just some guy (hahaha season 1) and he's no Lee. Him and Clem's relationship isn't special. It's predictable, and it's just some "I don't trust you but I trust you" kind of thing. And I still can't shake how they act more than what they are, just some 2 day relationship.

Sorry for ranting this much... I tried to enjoy it, but wasn't able to because of these flaws. Don't get me wrong, Telltale is great at storytelling, but honestly, this whole choice thing doesn't work for them if they don't bother to make them matter.

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