It's been a pretty long minute since I've been on Wikia but with the Final Season's conclusion I had some thoughts that I wanted to express and share, and see what other people think about them. I'll first be talking about what I thought of the Final Season, and the series as a whole.

"The Final Season" Review

While the Final Season may not have outdone the level of storytelling nor success that the first two seasons had, it was definately a step up from New Frontier. You can tell that the team really tried to tell a unique Walking Dead story, while at the same time wrapping up Clem's story in a satisfying manner. Whether they were successful in doing so, well, is ultimately up to the player's personal preference I guess.

Personally, I did find myself a little bit unsatisfied with the result of the Final Season but enjoyed it nonetheless. Each episode was able to carry its characters through individual stories within each episode, interactions, and built upon individual relationships between the protaganist Clementine and the other characters of the boarding school. Character interactions like this were a key point that were missing in the previous season, which I'll talk about later.

As for the individual stories part I mentioned, the Final Season was able to tell a story within each episode, while keeping a singular storyline through it all. The first episode focused on introducing the school and its members, the second episode focused on protecting the school from Lily and the Delta, the third episode focused on rescuing the captured members from the boat, and the fourth focused on getting back home and wrapping up the series as a whole.

With that being said, I did think that the story for the Final Season could have been a bit more ambitious. Obviously the game intended to center the story around the Erickson Boarding School, but I would have liked to see more of the Delta storyline and it definately should have played a bigger role in the story. It just seemed as if the writers were trying to play it safe which caused some parts of the story to feel dragged out and misplaced.

Another thing that bothered me a bit was the shaky voice acting; dialouge doesn't match facial movements, audio seems scratchy and distant at some points, and falls awkward and clunky sometimes.

Again, I still enjoyed the story and its characters, though definately not my favorite of the series.

Telltale's The Walking Dead as a Whole

The reason why I love seasons 1 and 2 so much is that both seasons are able to tell multiple different stories while having one, bigger picture in mind. What I mean by this is that in both seasons, players can easily differentiate each episode apart by the key events that occur. The drugstore, the motel, St. John's Dairy, the train, the mansion/Savannah, the Marsh House, the Cabin, the Ski Lodge, Howe's Hardware, the Civil War site, to the icy wilderness on the path to Wellington. Each episode features notable settings that makes the player feel as if he/she goes on a journey with the characters involved and through building relationships between the protaganist and the side characters, is able to become invested with them after all that they've been through together. There are so many moments that I love in both seasons that are just so well done. Favorites of mine include the showdown between Lee and Andy while the group watches, fighting Kenny to stop the train, Ben's confession in the middle of Crawford, Carver's bloodbath at the Ski Lodge, escaping Howe's through the herd, the group fighting walkers to protect Rebecca, the list could go on and on. There are so many moments that are so intense and unpredictable, and the characters, though hardened through the apocalypse, still feel human and flawed.

Now, many of the things I've mentioned about seasons 1 and 2 were completely absent from New Frontier which is why I think I have such a distaste for it. A New Frontier was a huge dissapointment for me personally, because I felt as if Clementine was the only character in it that mattered to me and that the other side characters could die and it wouldn't matter as long as she made it through in one piece. Don't get me wrong, I, like all other telltale fans in that time, was so excited for the third season. I remember seeing the first reveal photo which was a simple reveal of the logo and a blurred background and trying to decipher every little thing about it. I saw screenshots of Clem/AJ and was ready to accept the new graphics. I saw the teaser with Clem/Javier and really felt as though this was a "new frontier" for Clem's story. 

Then the actual game rolled out and I was hugely dissapointed. The graphics were at best decent, though awful at times especially with walker textures. Some character models were obviously rushed such as Edith and Jane, both of which looked nothing like they did in Season 2. Clem was nothing but a side character who had no place in the story had the player not experienced seasons 1 and 2, and the vast majority of the newer characters introduced were either unbearable or forgettable. There were no key moments to me personally where I felt as though heavy stakes were at toll, though the endings of episodes 2 and 4 did come slightly close. Forced character interactions such as Javier/Tripp and Clem/Gabe did not work for me nor made me feel as though these characters cared for one another or even knew anything about each other at that. 

at this point i've basically said all that i wanted to say so lmk if yall disagree lol

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