Dana is seen walking through the garden, She is met by Henry who tells her that they have been prepareing the gardens and farms, Deanna walks by and tell's Dana that she's doing better then She was, Aaron and Heath are seen walking, Aaron see's Jesus and goes to kiss him, Jamie see's Henry and asks him about Dana's leadership, Jamie goes to find Dana, Deanna see's Alek and kisses him, Shianne, Nora and Stacy are seen watering the plants around Alexzandria, Dana look's proud leading this community.

James explains to Mikey that 1 whole year has passed since D.J's Death, Mikey feel guilty about D.J., Kyle see's Siddiq and they talk about Alexzandria.

Francine and Daniel hold hands on the balcony, Enid is seen guarding the perimiter, Matt and Kayla are seen inside a window, Ozzy and Margo are seen having sex.

In the common-wealth Pamela is rushed to hospital, Ari Alex Lauren and Zoey dramatically fight to keep her living and they succeed keeping Pamela alive, Mason is seen coughing blood and Marylin look's concern so she rushes him into Threatre.

In the Hilltop, Jerry is seen kissing Alvin, Harlan is seen treating patients, Christopher is seen farming the cows and pigs while Gage is seen having a drink of coffee, Virgil and Jerry meet in the common-room and hold a meeting, Virgil tells him about what Marco did to Thedore that one year ago, Jerry says they have done enough in law and order.

Tanya and Jimmy are walking together on the foot-path, John finds Jerry and asks him about the santucary.

Carl and Sophia share kiss while watching their 1 year-old son R.J, Andrea comes out seeing this and says Ewww in disjust.

Negan is seen planting a flower for Rick.

Henry tell's Dana that the Common-Wealth is damgerous same with the hilltop, Dana is seen angry at Henry and tells him she won't betray her allies, Shianne walks in hearing this and tells Henry that it is Dana's Decision to not his.

Margo and Ozzy find Alek and ask him if he's Okay, Alek agree's saying when Deanna got into his life he is really happy.

Eilas finds Connor and he refuses to move on from the past of his loss of Lydia, Eilas goes to hug him, Maggie looks at 2 year-old Josephine and see's Dante in her, Hershel see's Maggie and goes to make her feel better. Michonne and Elodie watch over Max while he plays in the park, Yukimo and Magna have a mini-fight over whats right and what's wrong now, Kapoor spends time with his daughter Aditya.

Juila and Vincent are seen holding hands, They all go to the gates to see the return of Jesus.

Connie is sleeping in bed and see's a whisiper who holds a knife to her throat she quickly wakes up realising it was a bad-dream, Kelly walks in and ask's Connie what happened, Kelly explains to her that his hearing has been getting worse.

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