Henry finds Dana and asks her to exile Deanna, Henry states that she isn't good, Dana punches Henry and tells him to leave her alone.

Deanna finds Dana and tells her it's nice that her sister is back, Kyle walks in holding a gun to Dana's head explaining justice for the theifts in the invetory stock, Dana tells Kyle to lower the gun, Deanna get's her gun out and threaterns Kyle.

Sebastin sits in cell until Carl comes, Carl tells Sebastin about his step-mom Andrea, Sebastin tells him that he feels no guilty in doing what he did to Rick, Carl says even life? or your Mom, Sebastin charges at his bars and trys to grab Carl, he threatens him to death, Michonne hears this and comes in, Carl tells Michonne that Sebastin is good , Michonne refuses and pulls out her Katana and says "I Swear to god, If you don't answer me! i'm gonna"... Carl grabs Michonne and tells her to leave them alone.

Connie see's visions of whisperers, Connie see's her arm back she screams but no one can hear her.

Dana tells Kyle to not hurt anyone, Deanna fires killing Kyle, Aaron and Heath walk in witnessing this event.

Enid see's Dana and watches her from a distance.

Nancy and Julinta have coffee in the cafe.

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