Picture the scene. You are sitting there watching his ( likely ) death episode with your bowl of cheeto's and mountain dew, not knowing that he is about to die. You see him getting in trouble with the herd and you think to yourself wow, how will he get out of this one? Is there a dumpster nearby? lololol. im so funny Then all of a sudden KABLAMO....he dead. You jump out your seat in shock, cheeto's go everywhere, mountain dew ends up on soaking your cat who was sound asleep across the room, the cat reacts as a cat would when exposed to liquid, running in and out of every room in the house knocking stuff over, clawing at the curtains but you dont care,fuck your expensive curtains, you just seen Rick FREEKING Grimes die. You jump online asap and almost skin your fingers to the bone typing....

But no, they took that away from us when they came out and said he is leaving and I just dont understand why? Was it to avoid a leak? because they simply could have denied the leak, claimed it was a dream or whatever. What would be the ramifications of lying? none! Could it be to draw back all the views they lost? It just dont make sense why they would ruin what is going to be the most pivitol moment in the show!

I used to stay up until 3AM on Monday mornings to watch the show online, but sometime during season 6 i grew somewhat tired of the show and instead would go days without watching a new episode. But if they killed off Rick like that out of the blue, it would for sure have relit my interest in the show ( as much as I dont want to see Rick go )

what is your take on this?