I continually find myself hitting up the walking dead wikia after every episode/ issue comes out. Partly because I always want to check out the trivia for each character/issue/episode, to see if theres something that I didnt realize. More so recenty Ive been reading up on each character and seeing how they differ from their comic/tv persona. 

For example I find Season 3 TV Rick hitting much closer to how Post issue 100 Rick acts. I would personally compare comic Rick currently as similar to the TV show governor and Negan being the man Rick could become.

I guess what I am proposing, if its not somewhere on this wikia already. Is a side by side comparison chart with some sort of timeline for characters, either as new articles or on the character pages comparing characters on their carious media counterparts. The chart would include

Side by side comparison example

overall attitude, amputations, Group affiliation, etc.


Comic Rick vs TV Rick

Another good example for the use of character comparisions would be as since the tv show likes to take the basic template of the issues then flip them. i.e. Tyresses group afiliation is with the governor currently rather than Ricks.

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