Just some musing here, after watching last night's season finale, and after looking at some of my older issues of the comics I got to wondering about something. Can you enjoy being safe in a group or community you know is doing stuff not on the up and up. Whether they are extorting others for goods and items, doing ritualistic murders, or cannibalism. Could you turn a blind eye in order to keep yourself safe? Or your family if you are lucky to have some with you during the zombie apocalypse? I am pretty sure after last nights TWD episode (even though I missed a scene with some graphic proof of Terminus evil and will have to go back and re watch to catch it) that the Terminus "safe zone" is not the friendly sanctuary it was made out to be. "When you arrive you survive" seems to be for those who are willing to fall into line with whatever sinister plans this group has. And we only got a small glimpse last night of how messed up these people may be. Now having people locked away in trailers and rail cars is bad enough, and being thieves of goods that did not belong to them. But I had been convinced since episode 414 that something was off about that place. All those gardens and well kept areas, yet Maggie and crew waltzed right in and only met Mary, who while I am a Star Trek TNG fan, managed to creep me out on so many levels with her smile and grilling "meat..." So last night did not shock me too much that it was not a sanctuary, at least not to our main protagonists. And I look forward to seeing just how messed up these people are in season five. But it really had me musing about sanctuary's and safe zones in general.

yeah I knew that place was B.S

So today after reading an online review which states there is a scene that kind of confirms the Terminus people are not dining on chicken from that grill I have to wonder what would you do if faced with being out in the harsh elements of a zombie filled world? What if you didn't luck out and meet a Rick Grimes type, and instead joined a group who may do things horrible to survive? Would you be able to turn a blind eye to it to keep safe, or would you stick to your own moral code and walk away from the illusion of safety?

bunch of organized jerks

I think about the people of Woodbury, I hated them when I first read the comics, so quick to follow that sleazy looking governor. Mind you this was before the books retcon his rise to power and made him the lesser of two evils from the original group who "protected Woodbury." Then I think about Negan and his gang of goons, I am sure not all of the saviors were former thugs but when you have the illusion of safety would you turn a blind eye to their obvious intimidation of hard working people and extortion practices?

For me even those two groups while bad were no where near the "Hunters" level of evil. These were people who may have originally started out as desperate and hungry, but gleefully admitted to killing and eating their kids, other humans and other peoples kids. Who were willingly hunting others down for "easy meat." That group would have surely killed Rick and his group the children included to survive. Did those people really feel safer together? What happens when their human prey gets scarce? It would not have been long until they turned on each other. But it made me think. If I was in that scenario, in a world where the undead roamed feasting on the living and I found a sanctuary to keep myself and hopefully my child safe would I fall in line if I found out they were doing shady stuff?

We live in an illusion of safety as it is, this world is not a safe place, but until something happens close enough to home for us to care most of us stay oblivious to how dangerous it really is. If the whole world went to hell in a hand basket such as a zombie apocalypse, I don't know if I could hold onto the principles I currently have. Maybe if I was alone and knew I could handle myself out there. But in order to keep my son safe I have to wonder if I found a community that provided "safety" yet did things I would normally be against, would I walk away or just play my role and keep my family safe?

I wonder what others would do because after thinking about it I find myself understanding the mentalities of those people who go along with groups like this a bit more. And while I don't like it, I can see the allure of a safe place in a chaotic setting being more appealing than trying to always do the right thing.

So what would you guys do? I can fully admit while id love to be like Rick and his people only doing horrible things when my hands are forced to, that to protect the ones I love I probably would look the other way in a bad group if they kept us safe. I don't like it but I am real enough to admit it.

To me the most despicable TWD antagonists

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