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WalkerMaimer's Review and Gaming Tips for The Walking Dead: Assault

Salutations Walking Dead Wiki,

So finally here it is! WalkerMaimer's Review and Gaming Tips for The Walking Dead: Assault! Finally, the day has come for me to review my favorite game of all of TWD! (Not joking) this is also the time for me to share my knowledge about this game. But first, please be warned that if you have not played the game then please leave if you don't want your gaming experience be foiled despite the freckin' fact that this game has been released for ages and have articles already but just in case I warned you. Also, I am not really good at video game reviews. Though this is my second review on a video game. I still struggle to use video game terms. So, Let's Begin!


Twd assault

The Walking Dead: Assault is a mobile game, downloadable from the App Store and iTunes available on iPad, iPhone or iPod for an introductory price of $1.99. 

The game is produced by Skybound and Skybound Asia, and developed by Gamagio. It was released on November 27, 2012.

On November 4th, 2013, Skybound released the game on Android via Google Play.

The Walking Dead: Assault, like the comic book series first installment, "Days Gone Bye", begins at the moment when disoriented Sheriff Rick Grimes awakens in the hospital without knowing how he got there. The player is transported to those first isolated moments to revisit the early days through Atlanta, the campsite, and other significant locations.

More details here.



BadassDale Assault

I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars

So the entire game primary tells the entirety of the first few issues of the beloved comic series and it is very engaging because we get to see the areas that we have not seen before like The Cynthiana High School etc. What is more engaging as well is the other stuff you'll get as you tag along the game using your kill-all-zombie-tactics and it's more characters! Every time you complete a mission you get to unlock a new character and you get to choose four of them that you deemed useful. Characters besides from Rick are unlock able depending on the supplies needed and they are:

  • Shane - The guy who pumps his shotgun.
  • Glenn - That guy who likes TWD, I mean the one who shouts. (Ironic tho that his secondary weapon is a baseball bat)
  • Andrea - Perfect choice in every mission. (That's a tip)
  • Carol - The Noisy one.
  • Dale - "Stinky Pete"
  • Sophia - Shovel face
  • Carl - That kid whose existence in the game keeps me wondering.
  • Lori - She is the torch lady there (Literally)
  • Michonne - Awesome pick. (Another tip)

And NPCs like Scott Moon, Jim, Hershel (he just do tips), Da Guvnah (Though it's just his grumpy face in there) and three more characters that screams, punches, and hides behind Andrea (LOL) makes an appearance too.

Another part of the other stuff I've mentioned besides the characters are the rewards, every time you unlock a certain reward the game gives you artworks and bits of trivia and Easter eggs in the comics! I say it's a good idea that they put the rewards system in there since the game basically have no story and the only thing that would get gamers to lean on the game is giving them freebies that will get them mind-blown or pieces of artworks that they can save on their device and use as a wallpaper.

To learn more about the rewards and how to get them, I have created these two pages long ago:

So let's go with the controls, The game isn't ideal for iPhone and android mobile users. You can still play it but it could get frustrating so I am gonna recommend it to be played on your tablet/iPad (Note that I am not discouraging iPhone users here.)

And lastly, a game would not be complete without it's antagonists, the zombies and the hostiles. The zombies are a no threat for you as long as you don't choose the weaker characters and you did not set the game in Brutal mode. The hostiles on the other hand is a pain because you get to kill them twice (Alive and Zombified). So you definitely need Dale and Andrea (both good at long and short range) here but I'd rather choose Andrea because Dale moves slow.


Sophia (Assault) special

I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars

The visuals isn't that as astounding as you might want to expect but I am captivated by it. The game looks like GTA: Chinatown Wars but with less colors, and story. The environment is mostly black and white which is very good as it brings this TWD vibe and makes the whole gaming experience a bit darker. This game works well when you are playing in the dark. And that's not all! If you try zooming in and zooming out or rotate using your fingers you can see structures in full detail which is astounding compared to other games (outside TWD) which just shows two dimensional locations in every mission.


Hostiles Industrial Area 05

I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars

The playable characters and NPCs here doesn't have voice actors here because the game is conceived from the comics so you can only see speech bubbles but there are instances you'll here yelling and screaming from Glenn (it's his skill) or a damsel in distress. And some of the musical scores here are well done and really contributes the game.


TWD-A Rewards11

I'd give the game a 4.3 out of 5 stars

Even though the game is repetitive and basically got no story. The game is still engaging not because its "The Walking Dead" but because it gives players a sorta new gaming experience. It is astounding in terms of visuals despite that it is nothing much compared with the other TWD games like SI and TTG's and it complements the musical score and other sounds. The rewards system is also interesting and engaging and is also beneficial to gamers.

On the other hand, In-App Purchases are a pain every time you get in short of supplies and the controls could discourage mobile users plus the long awaited succeeding episodes that takes ages to make. Updates are made but only to fix bugs and no announcement so far with regards to the game's development.


Okay, having a hard time? No worries because I have completed the game and I will give you my tips to emerge victorious......and get those freebies.

  • Don't buy flares, health packs, and ammunitions. Supplies are a crucial thing in purchasing characters. So as long as you have not bought them don't waste it. (Don't worry though supplies are found everywhere but it's better if you go spend it on characters first)
  • Follow the bonus objectives (located at the upper left corner of your screen). It develops your tactical skills.
  • Don't do so much noise it attracts a herd. The herd meter is located at the left side of your screen and if you see it escalating switch to your secondary weapons (melee) until the level of the meter subsides if you fail to do so then you are in a big doodoo especially in brutal mode.
  • Don't go Rambo into the herd just run around and shoot.
  • And Lastly, the characters you would use for missions. Forming a team and using them at your disposal and utilizing your skills is very important in the game. Learn how to go tactical using the special skills in your party critically to gain the upper hand. Whoever Is your choice, I have no business! But I highly recommend these characters not because I always use them but because of the reasons I will state below.

So that is all I can share with you all. Now as to explain my self why I put this game in a higher pedestal than TTG is because simply the game is a stress reliever, addicting, and fun. TTG and the other games depresses me. AS SIMPLE AS THAT.


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Thank you for sparing your time just to read this! If I ever missed something that you'd like to share please do without hesitation.

I would also like to thank the contributor/s who have uploaded some of the images I've used for this blog. Practice a healthy discussion! And this has been WalkerMaimer thanks again and peace out!

If you have any suggestions or problems just send me an email at: walker.maimer1219@gmail.com

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